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You Are Not Safe Online! -

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Personal information in todays online world of data can be retrieved and stored with just a mouse click. Consumers purchase anti-virus and spyware software being guaranteed against attacks only to find out later that websites we would expect to trust since they may be well known or promise to protect our privacy and then find out we are violated and our privacy and information has been compromised. Any number of internet websites ask for personal information and users give it thinking it may be required information to sign up or view the website but it’s actually not required, it is just a way to store additional personal information on users. Many internet users don’t know many internet safety tips and could benefit from any type of privacy training video so they can begin to recognize when to provide information and to which websites.

The rise of internet crimes is having an effect on businesses as more and more of them are using the internet as part of their everyday workday. Companies are stressing the importance of hipaa training. Some of the tips internet users can go by is to read all privacy policies for all websites even though it is tedious and time consuming. The privacy policies inform on if your information is encrypted or if it will be open to third parties. Secondly, know your online persona and life. Check accounts where you may make purchases along with credit card statements to be sure nothing fraudulent is occurring without you noticing for a long period of time.
Lastly, change passwords at least every three months and be mindful to not put any personal information into emails.

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The infographic can be an excellent tool to help everyone protect their privacy and understand the dangers of shared data across the internet.

• Once consumers agree to the terms and conditions, they have no legal rights to when or how or whom their information is shared.
• Third parties purchase personally collected data from web browsers.
• Well known companies and internet sites have been proven to share and track personal data to multiple third parties.

If companies and individuals can be proactive and educate or use hr training videos it is possible to protect our personal data across the internet.

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Source: OMD

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