The Importance of Wearing Personal Protective Equipment

This 1 minute safety training video covers: What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), what is the use of personal protective equipment, what are the potential injuries may happen by not wearing or using PPE, how personal protective equipment prevent injuries, what are the personal protective equipment, why is it important to use PPE, what are the standards for personal protective equipment.

Video Transcript

When PPE is necessary? You work with flying particles, molten metals, acids and chemicals, falling debris, you’re above the ground or below ground, grinder, sanders, knives, electric saw then PPE is necessary. Your PPE doesn’t just protect you from immediate danger but from potential hazards as well. Always wear proper PPE, no excuses no exceptions. Your employer will perform hazard assessment to determine what type of PPE is needed for your particular job. Your employer is then responsible for providing you necessary equipment and training on how to use and maintain your PPE properly. You need to know your PPE, it’s your safety, it’s your responsibility and it’s your choice.