Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

This 3 minutes safety training video covers: What are the situations that can qualify as sexual harassment, who can be the harasser, what is hostile work environment, what are the different forms of sexual harassment, why it is important to record sexual incidents, what are the possible serious consequences when you ignore sexual harassment.

Video Transcript

People think only women get sexually harassed but it can happen to some men too. Although awareness is increase in workplace sexual harassment still exists. There are two kinds of sexual harassment, first and by far the most common kind is hostile environment, this occurs when constant sexual comments, jokes, cartoons or images creating offensive atmosphere that affects the victim’s ability to do their work. The second kind of sexual harassment which is called quid pro quo is more obvious but much less common. Quid pro quo revolves around a tangible employment action such as when a superior offers an economic or job benefit to an employee in return for a sexual favor. It can also occur when superior punishes an employee for refusing to go along to sexual request.