How to Properly Handle Situations Involving Violence

This 2 minutes safety training video covers: How arguments grows, how confrontations intensify, what are the serious act of violence that could occur if conflict escalates, what is the right way to do when you faced with an abusive or threatening person, how to diffuse workplace violence, what is assault, what are the serious consequences of violence, what to do if someone challenges you to fight.

Video Transcript

There are two types of workplace violence. First, is when each individual making threats of violence and actually intense to carry out that physical harm. The second is where the person is making threats of physical violence but really intense to generate intimidation, fear and emotional distractions in co-workers. It can be distraction of property, it can be a matter of tampering with the computer, and it can be a matter of stalking a phone calls, an affliction of emotional distress. There is an under appreciation of the importance of the evaluation process and what goes in evaluation factors of fundamental tendency to pull away, soften the evaluation and avoid confrontation it will keep things under control.