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Work Infographic: The @Work State of Mind -

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The twenty-first century and the growth of technology is changing the state of mind of working executives and allowing a new frontier of where and when work can get done. Being able to accomplish work from the home and office by using a variety of digital tools like smartphones, laptops and social networking sites provides decision makers the ability to have open access to conduct business. The marketplace is changing by increasing connection but may also pose as a potential distracter from the overall business message.

The hours of operation for organizations has not changed, it’s still a 9-5 world, but the workplace landscape is changing as there is more engagement of business in the evenings and weekends as business expands across the globe. Work and the people at work have had profound changes and companies are using hr training in order to begin comprehending what the digital age means to their organization. Companies are evolving to accommodate this state of mind for its employees.

The infographic highlights some of the disconnect and social work that is occurring like:

• Night, weekend and even vacation digital communications are common and done regularly.
• During office hours it is most likely personal business being taken care of.
• There is a greater ability to manage the organizations efforts with leeway and adaptability given the constant digital flow of information.
• They feel more trusted and empowered and at liberty to make valid business decisions when they have more time to think and consider business issues outside of the office.

With around three in five making decisions in business at home and about two in three handling business during traveling, the flow of business becomes a round-the-clock working atmosphere. Companies can begin to incorporate time management training along with manager training videos in order to understand and cope with the shift in the way companies work in the digital age.

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  • It’s true, there is a real blurring of the lines between personal time and work time when you are able to be connected to both worlds every second of every day.