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Five Safety Lessons Learned from the Sinking of the Titanic April 15, 2015 No Comments

Headlines about catastrophes, accidents and fines related to safety performance grab our attention, and there often is more than enough finger-pointing to go around.
April 15th marks the 103rd year anniversary of a major maritime catastrophe: the sinking of the Titanic, arguably one of the most talked about safety tragedies of 20th century. The sinking of [...]

Five Steps to Conducting an Effective Ergonomic Risk Assessment No Comments

Conducting an ergonomic assessment is a foundational element of the ergonomics process. Your ergonomics improvement efforts will never get off the ground without being able to effectively assess jobs in your workplace for musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) risk factors.
Systematically conducting ergonomic risk assessments gives you a clear view of the risk present in your workplace. This [...]

Family Sues, Claiming Excessive Overtime Caused Worker’s Death No Comments

The family of a man who worked at a slaughterhouse is suing his former employer, claiming excessive overtime hours doing strenuous work in cold conditions contributed to his death.
The family of Bao Min Cheng filed the suit against Hallmark Poultry Processor Ltd. in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada.
The lawsuit says Cheng died [...]

(VIDEO) Accident Investigation: Farmer Crushed Under Tractor’s Tires No Comments

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Metal Ladder Touches Electric Line; Worker Dies, OSHA Issues Fine April 7, 2015 No Comments

Calling the situation “blatant disregard for worker safety,” OSHA has fined an out-of-business roofing contractor in connection with an electrocution last year.
OSHA issued one willful and four serious violations to Kolek Woodshop Inc. of Creighton, PA, following an investigation triggered by the death of roofer Andrew Sakala Jr. The violations total $67,900 in fines.
Sakala [...]

The Most Common Safety Excuses No Comments

If you’ve been a safety professional for any amount of time, you could probably write a book based on the excuses you’ve heard regarding why a worker or a company failed to adhere to safety rules and regulations. The excuses range from ignorant to absurd – from entertaining to frightening – yet, day after day, [...]

Owner Could go to Jail for not Reporting Worker’s Injury No Comments

The owner of a construction company could go to jail for not reporting an employee’s foot injury that resulted in an amputation.
Harry Minassian of Granada Hills, CA, faces four felony counts of workers’ compensation insurance fraud for failing to report the injury. Minassian owns Pacific Construction.
An employee suffered a puncture wound to his foot [...]

(VIDEO) Funny Office Ergonomics Video No Comments

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It’s Not What You Think: How Feelings Impact Decision Making and At-Risk Behavior March 31, 2015 No Comments

What motivates your employees to choose risky behavior vs. a safer alternative? Are they even aware that they are making these decisions?
Recent research in human behavior and the neurosciences suggests that we are far more irrational than was previously believed, and our decisions are driven primarily by experiences and our feelings associated with them. It’s [...]

OSHA: Roofing Contractor Ignored Electrocution Hazards that Killed Worker No Comments

Andrew “CK” Sakala Jr. was fatally electrocuted on a roofing job at a Tarentum, Pa., home in September 2014 when the aluminum ladder he was using came into contact with a 7,200-volt power line.
According to OSHA, Sakala’s employer, Kolek Woodshop Inc., showed a “blatant disregard” for worker safety when three days later, the employer sent [...]

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