What Are The Different Factors That Causes Slips, Trips and Falls

This 1 minute safety training video covers: Walking safety tips, what are the causes of trips, what are the factors that can cause slips, other factors that can contribute trips and slips, what is meant by momentum, how momentum can cause you from falling.

Video Transcript

A slip occurs when you lose traction between your footwear sole and the contact surface. This lack of friction or lack of resistance throws your body center of gravity off balance usually backwards. Trips happen when your foot or lower leg strikes or hit an object causing you to stumble your upper body continues moving throwing you off balance. Falling is an involuntary and sudden movement from an upright position down. In a split second these careless combination of safety mistakes; running, a spill not cleaned up and tools left on the ground causes slip, trips and falls. Falling from great heights practically guarantees you broken bones or concussions. But don’t be fool falling in the same level you standing or walking on is a major cause of workplace injuries.