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Box Cutter Safety

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About Box Cutter Safety

Box Cutter Safety

Boxcutters (aka “Utility Knives”) can be found in just about any business that involves cardboard boxes/containers and similar packaging that may need to be opened. While boxcutters may appear to be small, harmless tools, in reality they are the cause of a large number of injuries and damaged product each year. Many of these problems extend from the fact that just about any employee can pick up a boxcutter for their own work-related use without that tool being restricted to those who have had prior training in safe handling procedures. When you couple that lack of supervision/training with the accelerated pace of the workday, you have a situation where boxcutter misuse is inevitable at some point. An additional issue is a common scenario in which CEOs don’t pay much attention to small items, like boxcutters, and those who handle these knives have a relatively high turnover rate – so safety training is ignored. These are some of the reasons why OSHA has included boxcutter safety when addressing, for example, their guidelines for retail grocery stores (OSHA 3192-06N).

Having a boxcutter safety training video on your business premises is the key to reducing the number of boxcutter accidents that translate into employee injuries, lost work time and packaged property damage. In this way, every new employee can be shown the safe way to work with a utility knife without having to halt production in order to train a large group of employees. It’s been estimated that a 300-store chain that employs a boxcutter safety program will experience a savings of $5 - $10 million annually when it comes to avoiding injuries and damage to property. You can order our high quality safety training video directly from this website or give us a call if you have any questions regarding the training materials that we offer.