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Back Safety Training DVD Preview

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Back Safety Training Video
Back Safety Training Powerpoint Created by: NPCA 

Topics Covered:

  • Back Injury Overview
  • Lifting Injury: Statistics
  • Heavy Lifting and Ways to Reduce It
  • Frequent Lifting and Ways to Reduce It
  • Awkward Lifting and Ways to Reduce It
  • Lifting Techniques Training
Date Created: 2011 Number of Slides: 50 OHSA Regulations: n/a Created by: NPCA

Back Safety Safety Meeting Kit Video

  • Training DVD
  • 5 Posters
  • 30 Booklets
  • Employee Quiz
  • Leaders Guide
  • Training Certificate
Back Safety Training Video

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Date Created: 2001 Number of Slides: 48 OHSA Regulations: n/a Created by: Environmental Health and Safety
Date Created: 2008 Number of Slides: 38 OHSA Regulations: n/a Created by: Summit Loss Control Services
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Preventing Back Injuries in Nurses PPT

on Preventing Back Injuries in Nurses is provided by Patient Safety Center of Inquiry. Nursing homes show high statistics with their staff in terms of back illnesses and musculoskeletal injuries every year. Patient Handling is the major component of this and serves as the greatest risk factor that contributes to the majority of injuries exerienced by the nursing home staff. OSHA recommends that manual lifting of patients be avoided, or reduced to help maintain the safety of the healthcare staff.

Back Safety: Lifting Techniques PPT

on Lifting Techniques is provided by the Middle Georgia State College.. Back injuries normally result in heavy lifting, repetitive lifting or awkward lifting. What workers should be aware of is the proper techniques to be used when in these kind of situations wherein lifting objects cannot be avoided. Back injury poses a high statistic as a workplace injury and the proper way of lifting objects is shown in this presentation. Good practice must be observed in the workplace to maintain safety and avoid having injuries.

Back Safety Exercises PPT

on Exercise Techniques for Back Injury is provided by the Fort Lee Safety Office. These exercises will help minimize back problems as they help tone muscles at the back, hips and thighs. Regular exercise helps reduce risks of having back injury during work. On slides #21 to #32, some exercise techniques are shown and given as an example to help reduce the strain at your back. With this, lifting heavy materials must also be avoided or reduced to ensure the safety and prevent having injuries.