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Wellness and Fitness Online Training Course

Course Overview

Wellness and Fitness is an online training course that will help employees to understand the benefits of good health and OSHA recommendations for staying healthy. Topics covered include “personal health risks”, smoking cessation programs, excess stress, “weight control plans”, well-being, and more.

Learning Objectives

After successful completion of this OSHA compliant course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify bad habits that negatively affect Personal health.
  • Seek the proper help for quitting smoking.
  • Detect high blood pressure early.
  • Modify behaviors to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
  • Implement a “Weight Control Plan”.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Identifying bad habits that detract from good wellness, such as smoking, caffeine, lack of exercise, and diet.
    • The major consequences of these bad habits.
    • Personal Health Risks and how a negative lifestyle contributes.
  • Lifestyle Changes
    • The issues with smoking including heart disease and emphysema.
    • Smoking cessation programs that can help to resolve negative behaviors.
    • The dangers of excess alcohol consumption including liver damage, stomach problems, and brains cell damage.
    • Determining your limit with alcohol and how to best drink within moderation.
    • The dangers of illegal drugs and the effect they can have on work, family, and friends.
    • How to protect yourself against excess stress and the emotional and physical problems it causes.
    • Combatting High Blood Pressure with early detection and treatment.
    • Maintaining a proper and nutritious diet by avoiding cholesterol, choosing low-fat foods, and more.
    • Behavior Patterns and weight reduction.
    • Strategies for recording eating habits, and evaluating your own diet.
    • Methods and techniques for exercises that will improve weight.
    • Aerobic exercises and their positive benefits.
    • Drafting a workout program slowly to accommodate your personal needs and strengths.
    • A review of the many benefits of improving wellness and fitness.