What are the Proper Foot Protection to Wear in the Workplace

This 2 minute safety training video covers: How to prevent accidents by wearing safety shoes, what are the different types of safety shoes, what is the important feature of safety shoes, how to protect your feet from potential hazards.

Video Transcript

When there’s a risk of heavy objects falling on, rolling on, crashing or penetrating your foot you need to wear protective foot wear that complies with the standard. There are many types of protective foot wear. Prior to each use inspect your protective footwear look for broken buckles or laces, cracks, holes and separation of materials. Check the sole for pieces of metals or other items that could an electrical trip hazard. Keep your protective footwear clean, wiping off dirt and slippery materials such as oil. Feet need protection in hot environments too. Be sure to have protection for whatever conditions you work in.