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What are the Causes of Back Injuries

This 1 minute safety training video covers: What are the consequences of bad lifts, how to safely lift a load, what are the right and wrong ways to lift and carry. This clip was taken from a full-length training video. Click here to watch the 18 minute full length version.

The Full-Length Version is Available on DVD!

Atlantic Training’s Safe Lifting Training DVD program provide the information employees need to protect their backs when they are lifting and carrying. Topics covered in these products include:

Safe Lifting Training DVD Covers:

Video Transcript

Industrial accident involving a fall or forklift, impacts like these can lead to serious back injuries that may require surgery to correct, or worst case scenario can cause a lifelong disability. But even everyday events like standing too long in one place can cause problems as well. People who use their bodies in certain ways are more likely to develop a back injury. These risk factors include lifting and the use of extreme force, this can include lifting a box that’s too heavy or moving furniture incorrectly, repeating motions examples include workers sitting on a computer or someone working on assembly line, neither taking a break nor switching positions. Awkward or static postures you seen this before, for example when someone reaches awkwardly for a box on the top shelf. It can also be someone standing too long in one position without a break.