Understanding Workplace Hazardous Chemical Labels

This 2 minutes safety training video covers: What does the chemical label provides, what is hazard communication program, what are the information in hazard communication program, how to properly comply to hazard communication standard, what are the guidelines to labeling of hazardous chemicals.

Video Transcript

Chemical manufacturers and importers are required to label containers to communicate what the chemical is, its hazards and how to protect you. Specifically, labels must have a product identifier, a signal word, hazard statements, pictograms, precautionary statements and the name, address and telephone number of the manufacturer, importer or other responsible party. All of these information must be located together on a label. The product identifier simply tells what is in the container or package, the name should much the name use on the safety data sheet it should also note the chemical identity including all hazardous ingredients. A signal word simply alerts the reader quickly the danger and warning are common examples of signal word. A hazard statement is a short phrase that describes the nature of the hazards of the product. Pictograms which are drawings or symbols to represent specific message are required on every label to quickly alert workers to what they maybe exposed.