How to Work Safely Around Electricity

This 3 minute safety training video covers: How to properly inspect electrical cords, how to work with electricity safely, what causes electric shock hazards, what are the proper precautions when working around electricity, how to avoid electrical overloads, what type of ladder to use when working with electricity, how to implement effective lock out/tag out procedures, what are the proper procedures of lock out/tag out, what are the other safety precautions of lock out/tag out procedures.

Video Transcript

Whenever you work around electricity you’re responsible to use it safely. This means following safe work practices as well as active hazard observation and reporting, after all operators notice safety problems first and can often provide safe solutions. To work safely around electricity take an active part in your own safety education by learning government codes and regulations as well as your facility’s safety rules. One of the most important electrical safety procedures is the use of grounds and circuit protection devices. Current overload often happens when equipment malfunctions or overheats, or when too many electrical appliances are operating on the same circuit.