How to Safely Remove Lockout/Tagout Devices

This 3 minutes safety training video covers: How to properly re-energize machine, who should remove the lockout/tagout devices, who are authorized to remove the lockout/tagout devices in case of emergency, how to temporarily restart a machine, where should locks and tags must be kept after used, what is the use of lockout/tagout log.

Video Transcript

When the work is complete it’s time to safely remove lockout/tagout devices and re-energize the equipment. Restore the work area to operating conditions, this means ensuring that all tools have been removed from the work area and double checking that all equipment components are in place and in working order, machines must be operationally intact. It is also important to replace safety features such as machine guards and close any access panels that were open. Before removing any locks or tags all affected employees must be told that lockout/tagout devices are going to be removed. After notifying everyone that lockout/tagout devices will be removed, begin taking locks/tags off, each device must be removed by the person who put the lock. If the person who placed the device on the equipment is not present, do not remove it yourself.