Supervisor on the Scene 6 Part Training Video Program Series

Supervisor on the Scene 6 Part Training Video Program Series

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Coastal's Supervisor on the Scene 6 Part Training Video Program Series

Supervisor on the Scene: Communication (Training Video Program 1) (SUP021-DVD-ENG)

Many research studies have shown that soft skills are as important as talent or technical know-how in supervising employees. They are also critical to an organization’s productivity, success, and performance -- even more so in a tough economy and a competitive business landscape. However, despite the clear importance of soft skills to organizations, not all supervisors receive enough training on the topic to build a strong skill set for managing people. 

Supervisor on the Scene helps reverse this trend and offers how-to guides on six vital soft skills.

Supervisor on the Scene: Conflict Resolution (Training Video Program 2) (SUP022-DVD-ENG)

Conflict can be an ominous word, but there's really nothing scary about it. Conflict happens anywhere that needs and wants meet resistance. These needs can be as fundamental as staying alive or competing for resources like food. In the workplace, they can be as simple as the need for office supplies or as grave as two employees constantly sniping at each other. Either way, supervisors have a big role to play in resolving them.

Give supervisors a solid grounding on conflict management with Supervisor on the Scene: Conflict Resolution, a new program that helps your supervisors: 

  • Recognize the conflict: identifying the facts and people involved
  • Manage the conflict: applying five avenues of resolution
  • Resolve the conflict: through collaboration or compromise

Supervisor on the Scene: Coaching for Performance (Training Video Program 3) (SUP023-DVD-ENG)

From Little League to professional sports, coaches lead their teams, motivating them to perform at their best. This, essentially, is what supervisors do at work, helping people gain the skills and knowledge to perform a task. But how exactly do you coach an employee? 

Help supervisors make the right play with Supervisor on the Scene: Coaching for Performance. This new program shows them how to:

  • Create a positive and productive environment
  • Understand the importance of constructive feedback
  • Follow key guidelines for giving constructive feedback

Supervisor on the Scene: Decision Making (Training Video Program 4)

Supervisors are paid to make decisions, and they need to be good at it because their choices affect employees and the organization's bottom line. Good leaders must be consistent in their decisions and must make them as quickly as possible. At the same time, they have to give these decisions a lot of thought. The trick is to be confident without being hasty, and thorough without getting stuck in the details.

Discover the basic foundations of sound, solid decision-making withSupervisor on the Scene: Decision Making.

  • Gather Information: identifying facts
  • Develop Alternatives: recognizing possible solutions
  • Select the Best Alternative: weighing the pros and cons
  • Following Up: reflecting on decisions

Meetings are an inevitable part of virtually every working environment. But many employees associate "meeting" with "the hardest thing in the universe." So how can supervisors ensure that meetings are conducted in the right amount of time, stick to the agenda, and are led properly and firmly?

Help supervisors conduct productive, timely, and relevant meetings withSupervisor on the Scene: Meeting Effectiveness. The program shows them how to:

  • Plan the Meeting
  • Execute the Plan

Supervisor on the Scene: Training Job Skills (Training Video Program 6) (SUP026-DVD-ENG)

A lot of times, workers can be passive about training - something they have to receive. Thus, most of the time they just want it to be over with. But if you can make it feel like it's something they have ownership of, it can take on a new light for them. Plus, proper training helps maximize productivity and improve overall performance.

Help supervisors conduct a successful training session with Supervisor on the Scene: Training Job Skills. The program outlines four critical steps:

  • Preparation
  • Presentation
  • Performance Trial
  • Follow Through
  • Format: DVDs
  • Language: English
  • Length: 72 mins.

Optional Network licensing also available to download the video to your system.

Have your own LMS? We offer this course in SCORM compatible format so that you can plug the title into your own LMS or ours (SafetySoft). 


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Supervisor on the Scene 6 Part Training Video Program Series

Supervisor on the Scene 6 Part Training Video Program Series
  • SKU: SUP021-026
  • Copyright: 2014
  • Runtime: 12 mins.
  • Producer: Coastal / DuPont


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