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Struck-By Hazards in Construction Environments Interactive Training

Course Overview

Struck-by accidents occur when a person is hit by a moving object. On construction sites this can include being hit on the head by a falling hammer, hit by particles being thrown from a grinder, hit by a truck that's backing up, or hit by a load of wallboard that's being hoisted. 

Struck-by accidents are one of the four top causes of fatalities in construction work and can result in serious injuries as well. But they don't have to happen. 

Atlantic Training's training products on Struck-By Hazards in Construction Environments provide the information employees need to recognize the struck-by hazards that are associated with construction tasks and take steps to avoid them before accidents happen. 

Available in English or Spanish. 

Topics covered in these products include:

  • What are struck-by hazards?
  • Personal protective equipment.
  • Traffic safety.
  • Heavy equipment.
  • Hand and power tools.
  • Masonry walls, overhead work and building materials.
  • … and more.

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