School Bus Drivers Builder Training Video Package

School Bus Drivers Builder Training Video Package

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School Bus Driver Safety Training Video Package

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Defensive Driving For School Bus Drivers Training Video Program
Length: 15 mins.
Your school bus drivers maneuver a 25,000 pound vehicle in all kinds of weather and road conditions, and they maintain control of dozens of students with their back turned! This important program covers the 3 A's of defensive driving -- Attitude, Awareness and Action -- and shows how your bus drivers can put them to work to avoid catastrophic accidents.

  • Attitude: Your first defense
  • Awareness: Expect the unexpected
  • Action: Take control of your safety

Transporting Pre-Schoolers Get A Head Start On Safety Training Training Video Program
Length: 20 mins.
Small children require special attention when traveling, and safety seats and vests are just the beginning.

  • Head Start and emergency guidelines
  • Driver and monitor qualifications and duties
  • Moving students on and off the bus
  • Route planning tips
  • Avoiding common mistakes
  • Preparing for emergencies

Bloodborne Pathogens For School Bus Drivers The Route To Safety Training Video Program
Length: 13 mins.
This critical program will help ensure that school bus drivers understand the Standard Precautions that can prevent the spread of bloodborne diseases.

  • Bloodborne diseases in transportation
  • Transmission and prevention
  • Personal protective equipment

School Bus Drivers Dealing With Behavior Training Video Program
Length: 10 mins.

Help your school bus drivers learn how to manage student passenger behavior with this important training program. 
  • Types of student behavior that are unacceptable on school buses and why
  • Common reasons for misconduct
  • Management techniques
  • How to deal with situations that may arise

Dealing With Young Riders Stopping Disruptive Behavior Training Video Program
Length: 21 mins
Take the preventative stance. Stop disruptive behavior on the bus before it escalates with this helpful program.

  • Identifying negative behaviors
  • Encouraging value judgment
  • Considering consequences or choices
  • Applying consequences

Bus Drivers Managing Emergencies Training Video Program
Length: 21 mins.
Buses as useful as they are, can be sites of crashes, injuries, and/or conflicts. In fact, about 20 to 30 students are killed every year in bus-related mishaps and many more are injured. Teach your drivers the fundamental procedures and advanced practices to help drivers steer away from danger, thus keeping our children safe.

  • Emergency procedures if there is a bus crash
  • Handling sick or injured riders
  • Dealing with distractions such as conflicts, aggression and threats of violence

School Bus Drivers Positively In Control Training Video Program
Length: 13 mins.
This safety video program tackles the issue of school bus driver attitude and how it directly affects safety. Training tips include correct examples of preventative measures drivers can take to improve the safety of students and ensure safe bus operation. 

  • Attitude pre-inspection
  • Being a positive role model
  • Controlling student behavior
  • Safe loading and unloading
  • Leaving stress at home
Winter Driving Training Video Program
Length: 18 mins.
This safety video program covers the Best Practices for Winter School Bus Driving, designed by a panel of national experts and State Transportation Directors. 
  • Winter forecast and traffic conditions
  • Necessary supplies
  • Defensive driving
  • Ice driving and controlling skids
  • Brakes, ABS & non-ABS

Pre-Trip For Your School Bus Training Video Program
Length: 14 mins.
Ensure the safety of your students before the bus leaves school grounds. This program provides a detailed checklist for drivers to use for pre-trip inspections.

  • Around, inside and outside the bus
  • Engine compartment
  • Required documents
  • Brakes and emergency equipment

Pre-K Transportation Ages 0-5 Bus Driver Training Video Program
Length: 17 mins.
Make the bus riding experience a safe and enjoyable one for pre-school children. This comprehensive program covers key transportation areas, providing drivers vital transportation training.

  • Transportation basics
  • The school transportation team
  • Separation and trust issues
  • School bus safety rules

Evacuating The School Bus Training Video Program
Length: 22 mins.
Teach your school bus drivers how to evacuate a bus in an emergency. This program provides an overview on preparing and practicing a quick, well-planned evacuation drill.

  • Deciding when and when not to evacuate
  • Safety and emergency equipment
  • Developing an evacuation plan
  • The evacuation drill: your chance to practice

School Bus Brake Systems Air Brakes Training Video Program
Length: 21 mins.
Being able to stop your school bus is as important as starting it. This program provides working knowledge of brakes and how to use and test brakes for peek performance.

  • Dual air brake systems
  • Pre-trip inspections

Handling Parent Contact Training Video Program
Length: 23 mins.
Steer your drivers to more effective solutions to parent-bus driver issues. This course will teach them to build bridges between themselves and the parents through the power of questions and emphatic response. They will also pick up other strategies, including how to handle angry parents, encourage them and end the interaction when necessary.

Building a Bridge between You and the Parent

  • Power of Questions and Empathetic Response
  • Dealing with a Angry Parent
  • Dealing with Anger
  • Feigned Confusion, Paradox, and Surprise Comment
  • Ending the Contact and Verbal Control

School Bus Brake Systems Steady Pressure Training Video Program
Length: 16 mins.
This program educates drivers on the use of steady pressure which helps control bus stopping and starting.

  • Understanding pressure and the braking system
  • Controlling braking systems

Dealing With Young Riders Rules, Rapport & Reason Training Video Program
Length: 31 mins.
Make the job easier for your bus drivers by training them to cultivate quality relationships with student riders. This program stresses establishing rules, building rapport and using reason to solve problems.

  • Recognition
  • Affiliation
  • Power

Transporting Students With Special Needs Don't Lose Your Touch Training Video Program
Length: 17 mins.
Special students may rely on touch to communicate to others. School bus drivers who are responsible for these students must promote safety and foster healthy relationship connections.

  • Touch to convey respect and concern
  • Touch for attention and calming
  • Touch to restrain or teach

School Bus Brake Systems Braking Techniques Training Video Program
Length: 17 mins.
The helpful techniques in this program teach drivers how brakes function and the importance of using them properly.

  • How brakes work
  • Pre-trip inspections
  • Good braking practices
  • Response to brake failure
  • Braking skid recovery



Child Safety Restraint Systems Training Video Program
Length: 17 mins.
Securing the safety of students must be the main concern of school bus drivers. This comprehensive program demonstrates how to correctly secure students in various restraint systems.

  • Minimum bus requirements
  • Proper car seat installation
  • Properly securing children in car seats and seat belts
  • Loading and securing wheelchairs

Transporting Students With Special Needs Commitment & Care Training Video Program
Length: 18 mins.
This helpful program presents situations for bus drivers to show sensitivity to behaviors and attitudes of special needs children.

  • Commitment to safety, orders and rights
  • Effective observation of behavior
  • Choosing the appropriate intervention

It's A Matter Of Survival Training Video Program
Length: 20 mins.
A split second is all it takes for an accident. This video program instructs your school bus drivers about precautions of dealing with children ages 5 to 7.

  • Loading and unloading the bus
  • Managing the student crossing



Dealing With Young Riders Communication Training Video Program
Length: 35 mins.
Understanding behavior and showing concern may prevent negative incidents inside the bus. This program gives exercises and examples of techniques that build communication.

  • Purposeful greeting
  • Door openers for communication
  • The power of the question
  • Feelings of empathy

School Bus Safety Series Vol. 1-4 Training Video Program
Length: 26 mins.
Training for Students on the 7 basic skills of School Bus Safety.

Four age-appropriate programs with instructor manuals for teaching children how to safely ride the school bus. Designed to be taught in the classroom by the teacher or transportation representative. This training series includes four modules and four classroom lesson plans. Four short age specific titles on one disk.  
Volume 1 Kindergarten and Pre-K
  • Street crossing
  • Loading and unloading danger zones
  • Emergency evacuation
Volume 2 Grades 1 through 3 
  • Appropriate behavior on the bus
  • Using the handrail and danger zones
  • Emergency evacuation
Volume 3 Grades 4 through 6 
  • Safety, order and rights
  • Student discussions and presentations
Volume 4 Grades 7 through 10 
  • Reinforces the safety rules
  • Reinforces the behavior rules
  • Reinforces that riding the bus is a privilege and not a right. 

School Bus Mirror Systems Training Video Program
Length: 20 mins.
Optimized use of mirrors prevents accidents when children are dangerously close to the bus. This program is designed to teach drivers proper adjustment skills. 

  • Seat and mirror adjustment
  • Setting up mirror adjustment stations
  • Reference points
  • Recognizing blind spots

Dealing With Young Riders Dealing With Groups Training Video Program
Length: 30 mins.
What do bus drivers do when faced with a bunch of students behaving badly? This program demonstrates many effective ways in dealing with rowdy, disruptive group behaviors.

  • Directing groups
  • Interrupting group behavior

School Bus Brake Systems Intermittent Pressure Training Video Program
Length: 16 mins.
This program trains drivers how to correctly use intermittent pressure.

  • Using brake pressure properly and safely
  • Controlling braking

Defensible Use Of Force On The Bus Training Video Program
Length: 27 mins.
In these times of lawsuits and litigations, school bus drivers encounter the dilemma of using force in dangerous situations. This important program provides information and techniques for deciding when and how to use force properly.

  • Types of force
  • Documenting incidents
  • Role play and practice

Transporting Students With Special Needs Kids Are People Too Training Video Program
Length: 23 mins.
This program is specially designed for school bus drivers dealing with special students. It presents methods to understand and effectively manage the behavioral needs of these students.

  • Identifying behaviors and commitments
  • Identifying the students' needs
  • Meeting the needs

Dealing With Young Riders Giving Directives Training Video Program
Length: 36 mins.
School bus drivers often encounter children with behavioral problems. With this program, drivers learn to use verbal control and positive influence to change behavior while on the bus.

  • Giving polite directives
  • Setting expectations
  • Stating consequences
  • Providing a choice

Breaking Up Fights On The Bus Training Video Program
Length: 6 mins.
What do you do with kids fighting inside the bus? Bus drivers must be aware of possible causes and consequences of fights. This comprehensive program gives insights and techniques to handle physically aggressive students.

  • Safety and noncombatant riders
  • Safety of drivers
  • Safety of fighting students

School Bus Held Hostage Training Video Program
Length: 12 mins.
Train your school bus drivers to stay alert for warning signs that may lead to a hostage situation. This important program alerts drivers to suspicious activities at bus stops, railroad crossing and other stops, as well as proper action during a hostage situation.

  • Prevention
  • Communication techniques
  • Survival

Pre-K Transporting Your Child Safely Parent Training Video Program
Length: 17 mins.
Parents will better understand their role in working with school staff and drivers to ensure safe transportation for their child.

  • Transportation guidelines
  • Responsibilities of parents and staff
  • School bus safety rules

Bus 911: Managing Emergencies Training Video Program
Length: 12 mins.
Emergencies come in all sizes and shapes. And they can happen anywhere - including school buses. When most people think of a school bus emergency, their first thought is of a crash. However, school bus emergencies also include student fights and conflicts, student illnesses or injuries and bus breakdowns. Safety in any situation is a first priority. When dealing with bus emergencies, safety of the riders must be the first concern of any bus driver, followed by safety of the bus. Knowing the proper way to secure the bus, understanding first aid techniques, and being familiar with actions that calm riders are confidence builders. This training program teaches drivers the proper approaches for dealing with bus emergencies safely and effectively.


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School Bus Drivers Builder Training Video Package

School Bus Drivers Builder Training Video Package
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