Safety Orientation For Home Health Training Handbook 10 Pack By Coastal Dupont

Safety Orientation For Home Health Training Handbooks 10 Pack

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Digital Formats
Atlantic Training courses are available in various digital formats, from Scorm interactive courses to simple video links. Select dropdowns below for more information

Our video-on-demand format allows users to stream our videos from anywhere including mobile devices. Each title includes an embed feature that allows users to add these videos to their existing training platform or LMS with a simple cut and paste process.

All titles are available in various languages and include needed written materials such as a leader's guide, tests, answer key, wallet cards, attendance logs, and more.

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This product is available to load into your current platform or LMS as well. Whether your platform is Scorm compliant or not, you can add a single topic or our complete library, with ease by using a simple upload or cutting and pasting of embed code.

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Our Atlantic LMS training platform allows you to view this course in a classroom environment, or assign to your team individually with testing and recordkeeping capabilities for each training.

You can also create your own trainings on any topic, or add from any other vendor, if you choose, as well as manage your incident, accident, and illness records. All of this one location is more affordable than your Microsoft office application.

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