Refresher 34 Training Video Program Package

Refresher 34 Training Video Program Package

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 7-C001EE Lockout/Tagout

(English) (6 Min.)

 Controlling hazardous energy sources is required by organizations for the safety of their employees. Locking out electricity prevents electrical equipment from accidental release of electricity during maintenance or repair. The purpose of lockout and tagout is accident prevention. This program explains the basic procedures and terminology and general requirements.

 7-C009EE Short Refresher Program Over Safety Factors in Gas Welding and Cutting Operations

(English) (7 Min.)

 Each company is responsible for developing specific guidelines, policies and procedures. Welding or cutting material can be a safe operation if you follow the rules and not take shortcuts. This program focuses on gas welding safety awareness.

 7-C010EE Short Refresher Over Arc Welding

(English) (6 Min.)

 Every company is responsible for developing specific guidelines, policies and procedures. Welding is a safe operation if you follow procedures and not take shortcuts. This program is a guideline of basic safety measures designed as safety awareness when working with arc welding.

 7-C012EE Compressed Gas Cylinders Handling And Storage Refresher Course

(English) (7 Min.)

 The majority of gases used for industrial uses such as welding and cutting are purchased in cylinders. Cylinders must be constructed and maintained in accordance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. All cylinders must bear the DOT, Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) specification markings. This program focuses on the safety when handling and storage of gas cylinders.

 7-C013EE Short Refresher Program Over Portable Grinders and Abrasive Wheels

(English) (7 Min.)

 There are portable, fixed and bench grinders which come in contact with rotating abrasive wheels or disks. Rules, procedures and protective equipment are essential in making your job safe. If you follow the rules, this equipment can be safe. This program provides information on the proper use and operation of grinders in a safe manner.

 7-C016EE Signs And Barricades A Short Refresher Program

(English) (5 Min.)

 All of the complexities and rules of signs, barricade and signals make a difference in construction safety. The purpose of traffic control is safety for construction workers on the job. This program is a reminder and review of the types of signs, signals and barricades that help accident prevention.

 7-C018EE Scissor Lift Short Refresher Program

(English) (6 Min.)

 Falls from an elevated platform are caused primarily by a worker's unsafe act such as leaving gate chains unattached, propping the gate open, or climbing up on or leaning over the guardrail system. This program's topics include scaffolding, causes of scaffolding injuries, basic operations, inspection, and safety checks.

 7-C019EE Advanced Hand And Power Tools Refresher

(English) (6 Min.)

 Safety instructions provided by the manufacturer should be followed closely. An employer is responsible for providing safe equipment, but it is the responsibility of the worker to use them safely. This program reviews various power tools and how to handle them in a safe manner.

 7-C022EE Front End Loader Safety Short Refresher Program

(English) (5 Min.)

Front-end loaders come in all sizes and shapes which include track loaders, skid steer, backhoe loaders, and tractor loaders. Loaders are often misused by stretching the lifting capacity and failure to follow safety procedures. Only fully trained and authorized persons should operate a front-end loader. For your personal safety, operators should wear protection such as hearing protection, safety shoes, hard hat, safety eyeglasses, gloves and a high visibility vest. This program deals with rearward rollovers, rollover prevention, run-over accidents, articulated four-wheel drive loaders, and more.

 7-C023EE Advanced Portable Ladder Safety

(English) (4 Min.)

 Falling from a ladder can be frightening. People endure more than 500,000 falls, 300 deaths and an average of 165,000 trips to the emergency room every year. The vast majority of the falls from ladders is the result of misuse. This program focuses on the different types of ladders and how to use them properly.

 7-C002GE Electrical Safety

(English) (6 Min.)

 The different types of electric energy are low, high and static voltage. This program is designed to make you more aware of electrical safety. This program gives a basic understanding of electricity.

 7-C003GE Short Refresher Over Lifting Safely

(English) (6 Min.)

 According to the National Safety Council and medical research, 70% of backaches are the result of degeneration of spinal discs. You probably heard the warning "bend your knees and lift with your legs." Back injuries can be prevented, it's up to you. Take time for safety. This program will explain how the back works so you will have enough information to make the right choices.

 7-C006GE Short Refresher Program Housekeeping On The Jobsite

(English) (7 Min.)

 In every working environment, one of the most important employee responsibilities is to maintain a clean, neat and orderly workplace. There's always time enough to keep your work area clean. Participating in the safety program means greater job efficiency, productivity and an injury-free work environment. This program will focus on the employee's responsibility for a safe work environment.

 7-C008GE Fire Extinguishers Short Refresher Program

(English) (7 Min.) 

 This program will provide procedures to follow when using a fire extinguisher. This information will help you to become more familiar with extinguishers, fire prevention and a better understanding of emergency action in the event of a fire.

 7-C011GE Slips and Falls Short Refresher 

(English) (8 Min.) 

 The potential for slips, trips and falls is everywhere. Safety is an individual's responsibility. Having a good attitude and thinking about safety can prevent some of these accidents. This program will explain the causes and prevention of the hazards of slips, trips and falls.

 7-C016GE Permits Permits a Short Refresher Program 

(English) (8 Min.)

 Work safety permits are designed for the safety of those working on a project or employees working near a particular project. The purpose of safety is to make sure personnel and equipment are protected and safety procedures communicated with all personnel. This program will focus on "hot work permits" and "entry permits."

 7-C017GE Material Handling Refresher Program 

(English) (7 Min.)

 Handling and storing materials are vital to the construction industry. The improper handling and storing of materials can cause costly injuries. Workers frequently cite the weight and bulkiness of objects causing injuries. Bending, twisting and turning were most commonly cited movements that cause back injuries or back pain. This program focuses on the proper procedures and safety when handling materials.

 7-C018GE Walkways Ladders and Elevators Don't Slip and Fall Refresher Program 

(English) (4 Min.)

 Slips and falls were the major causes of injuries in the early days of safety. There were a wide range of accidents in the workplace from all kinds of causes. This program discusses the causes of trips, slips and falls and prevention.

 7-C002HE Hazardous Materials Spill - Clean Up 

(English) (6 Min.)

 Many materials you work with may be classified as hazardous. That's why all spills, no matter how small, must be taken seriously. Hazardous material can endanger your health or life and of others. Plans and preparations, along with practiced response to spills, should be done in advance of an emergency. This program will cover kinds of hazardous materials and how to handle spills and clean up safely.

 7-C003HE Short Refresher Over Handling and Using of Flammable Liquids 

(English) (6 Min.)

 It's critical to understand basic technical terminology to know the potential hazard associated with hazardous materials. Always follow company safety procedures and the information provided by the manufacturer. The more you know about flammable liquids, the safer you will be in your work environment and home. This program will address the terminology and warning labels used with flammable liquids.

 7-C004HE Short Refresher Over Bonding and Grounding of Flammable Liquids Transfers 

(English) (6 Min.)

 Almost any movement can create static electricity. The effects of static electricity can be reduced by using a ground. A static electricity shock is enough to let you know you've been shocked. This program will focus on reducing the effects of static electricity and potential explosions when transferring flammable liquids from one container to another.

 7-C005HE Life Saving Through Air Monitoring Short Refresher Program 

(English) (5 Min.)

 Confined spaces and other similar locations can be unsuspecting chambers of death unless you know the hazards and are prepared to avoid risks. Some people have relied on their dogs to wake them up in case of a fire. In the old days, minors carried birds into the mines to make sure the air they were breathing was safe. Today, we have other devices to test the air in confined spaces. This program focuses on the types of hazardous gases and what to look for when monitoring them.

 7-C008HE Lead In The Workplace 

(English) (6 Min.)

 Lead can stay in your body for years causing serious health effects that may not be treatable. Over-exposure of lead by workers in many industries is a major concern. Lead can be found in the air at home in paint, dishware, water, lead sadder used in plumbing. Workers are encouraged to monitor blood levels if exposed to lead. This program discusses the various lead exposures in the workplace with an emphasis on safety.

 7-C001ME Confined Space

(English) (7 Min.)

 Confined space entry must be approached with a professional attitude and a methodical system designed to prevent situations from escalating into a disaster. The National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) found that in more than 50% of confined space accidents, the rescuer becomes the victim. NIOSH also found that very few organizations provided written procedures. Failure to closely follow specific rules, regulations and confined space safety standards can guarantee serious injury or even death. This program is designed to provide the viewer with safety basics in confined space entry.

 7-C002ME Trenching - Shoring 

(English) (5 Min.)

 Evacuations and trench cave-ins account for a growing number of fatalities and serious injuries in construction. With little or no warning, an unsupported improperly shored or sloped trench or excavation wall can collapse and trap the workers below in seconds. This program is an overview of excavation and trench safety basics.

 7-C003ME Short Refresher Over Flagger Safety 

(English) (5 Min.)

 The flagger's job is important to protect workers on the highway.

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Refresher 34 Training Video Program Package

Refresher 34 Training Video Program Package
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