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Understanding HAZWOPER Online Training, Streaming Videos, SCORM LMS Plugins &

Understanding HAZWOPER

A burnt-out light bulb or dead battery may seem harmless but they are actually classified as workplace hazardous waste. There are many everyday products that we use, that are considered hazardous materials and we never think about the hazards involved with using them. Because of the sheer quantity of hazardous products used in business, it pays to know what and how to dispose of hazardous waste. Companies can be fined thousands of dollars, if they are found disposing hazardous material improperly. €œUnderstanding HAZWOPER Safety€ is a comprehensive training program on hazardous waste disposal for employees of all levels. It lays out the foundation of why it is absolutely necessary for all employees to be aware of the materials round them so that the company isn€™t violating local, state, and federal regulations concerning waste disposal. Other topics included in these products are: Difference between hazardous and non-hazardous waste, Basics of labels and shipping, Hazardous waste containers, Accumulation Process, What to do in case of a spill, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Hazardous Waste regulations and more.

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