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Safety Games

Marcom's Training video games are the most exciting safety training product in twenty years! When you use the Safety Game, employees actually look forward to safety meetings.

The Safety Game is a "Jeopardy" style, computer-based training game that involves all your employees in the training process.

Employees are divided into teams that compete to obtain the best score. The trainer acts as the game show host, controlling the game board through the computer (the computer image is projected on a wall or screen in the classroom, or connected to a large monitor).

Each game consists of a 20- to 25-question match. Questions are divided into information categories from the game's safety or regulatory compliance topic. The questions can also be revised or replaced so that they conform to your company's specific practices.

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OSHA's Position On Safety Games Training

OSHA has always advocated the use of training tools that are designed to engage the interest and attention of those who are participating in either classes or seminars. Marcom’s Safety Games are designed to not only engage the employee’s attention, but to reinforce the most pertinent points of the OSHA (and other federal agencies) training that they have received.

An example of this would be Marcom's "Personal Protective Equipment" Safety Game, which emphasizes the OSHA mandatory requirement for employees to wear the proper protective equipment that is suitable for their work activities. Consider that, each year, over half a million employees are injured on the job (costing employers over $100 billion) and surveys indicate that the most common cause of those injuries is directly related to neglecting the use of personal protective equipment! By incorporating the use of materials that allow a training session to be more enjoyable, it can equate to enormous savings within many different industries.

Other OSHA-related regulation training safety games that we offer include:

Please look over our high quality Marcom’s Safety Games that will allow you to enhance your training sessions and increase material retention. Afterwards, you can select the item(s) that you’ll require and then place your order. We make it easy for you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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