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Funny Safety Videos

Safety training doesn€™t have to be a dreaded experience for the trainer or the employees.  Digital 2000 has created a line of safety videos that not only train your employees but does it in a humorous way. These videos lighten the mood and breaks up the monotony, allowing the employee to retain more information.


OSHA's Position On Funny Safety Training Videos

One of the most difficult things to overcome, when training employees on safety procedures, has to do with the lack of receptiveness to all of the material that’s being presented. Most of this stems from a tired employee or trainer who is now dealing with repetitive information that may do little to engage that person’s attention. At this point, the mind can start to wander and, in a very short period of time, critical information may be ignored. This scenario can put employees at risk and present a negative image of your facility during a regulations inspection.

In response to this situation, we have made available a strategic enhancement to your regular training program. This is offered in the form of safety training with a humorous approach which is designed to lighten the mood as well as reinforce many aspects of your safety training. By interspersing these materials within your standard training program, you can increase an employee’s willingness to participate in the learning experience as well as ensure a higher degree of information retention. These materials include a light-hearted approach to safety training in the form of, for example, the "What's Wrong with this Picture" series which encompasses:

Along with other topics that include; heat stress, eye protection and other safety issues that will inform your trainees as well as make the training experience a more productive exercise. Give your trainers, and your facility, a training advantage that, in the long run, could reduce injuries (or worse) and expenses associated with needless accidents resulting from a lack of attention during training. For more information, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience!


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