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Online Lockout Tagout Safety Training Course & Certification

Course Overview

Lock-Out/Tag-Out Procedures is an online training course specifically created to meet OSHA’s lockout tagout training requirements under CFR 29 1910.147. Topics covered include safe lock-out/tag-out procedures, energy-related injuries, energy control plans, OSHA designated affected employees, energy dissipation, and more.

Course Highlights

  • This course is 100% OSHA compliant.
  • Printable certificate and wallet card are issued instantly upon course completion.
  • This course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.


Can I purchase this course for multiple employees?

Absolutely, simply type in the number of users on the right hand side of this page before clicking the 'Add to Cart' button. We do offer volume discounts as well.

How much time is given to complete the course?

There is no time limit. Students can also leave the course and re-enter it at their convenience, all course progress is tracked on our secure servers.

Who is required to take this course?

Per OSHA regulations, all employees that work in an area where lockout tagout is utilized should undergo lockout tagout training.

Can I take the course on my tablet or phone?

Yes! Our online training platform is compatible with IOS and Android phones and tablets.

When does the course certificate and wallet card expire?

Two years from the date of course completion.

Learning Objectives

After successful completion of this OSHA compliant course, the student will be able to:

  • Safely lockout and tagout energized equipment.
  • Use OSHA-approved Lock-out/tag-out procedures when working with equipment and machinery.
  • Identify energy sources for the equipment being worked on.
  • Better use proper communication with lock-out/tag-out procedures.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • An overview of machinery that require different forms of energy and possible energy-related injuries.
    • An overview of Lock-Out/Tag-Out procedures outlined by OSHA.
    • The situations where these procedures should be used, including circuit repair, cleaning machinery, rebuilding equipment, and more.
    • Procedures
      • How to use an OSHA-approved Energy Control Plan, consisting of two major components: procedures and training.
      • The different types of energy that is worked with: Electrical, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic.
      • An overview of Active and Stored Energy.
      • Lockout devices most commonly used to isolate equipment from its energy: padlocks, chains, valve clamps.
      • Tag-Out devices that alert others to the work being performed.
      • The importance of using only designated devices for lock-out/tag-out.
      • Employees who are authorized to install these devices, designated by OSHA as“Affected” employees.
      • Lock-Out/Tag-Out
        • The proper steps for locking-out a piece of equipment.
        • Dissipating energy that could still be stored in the machine.
        • Techniques that can be used for different systems.
        • Testing the machine after “energy dissipation” for proper performance.
        • Special situations where additional procedures need to be in place.
        • The risk of Arc Flash with electrical equipment.
        • Using a “Buddy System” to perform proper lock-out/tag-out procedures.
        • What to do after a lock-out/tag-out procedure; returning the machine to its “home” state.