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Needlestick Safety

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About Needlestick Safety

Needlestick Safety

These days, more than ever, the public is aware of the dangers associated with blood contagions and injuries that can be present when proper needle procedures are not followed. OSHA has a number of specific regulations that cover needlestick procedures and potential contagion/injury issues. The number of needlestick hazards number 600,000 – 800,000 annually and therefore require mandatory training for all employees involved in these medical procedures. This training will also include additional “sharps-related” injuries as well, which involve healthcare employees in hospital and other related settings. The training materials, that are offered here, include the best safety practices that are designed to avoid sharps and needlestick injuries without engaging in difficult-to-understand medical/government jargon. Every procedure and precaution is carefully outlined in ways that can easily comprehended by everyone. With these tools at their disposal, healthcare officials can effectively create an environment that is well-informed and therefore safe for all those involved in these medical procedures.

These extremely clear and crisp videos also include handbooks, quizzes and a PowerPoint ™ presentation that are designed to measure employee comprehension and material retention. This comprehensive training program is being made available at a price that is exceptionally affordable and therefore should be included in every applicable training library. The topics covered include:

  • The process of disease contamination and sharps-related injury
  • Plans that will eliminate exposure potential
  • Effective safe work procedures
  • Devices used for safe needle use and disposal
  • Correct contagion exposure elimination practices
  • Logging any injuries associated with needles and sharps

The potential for injury and serious disease transmittal makes it essential for employers to have the best training videos and materials on hand for training classes that can be conducted at any given time. Feel free to give us a call with any questions that you may have regarding these training products.