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Motorcoach Safety

Motorcoach Safety

The driver qualifications and safety procedures regarding the operation of motorcoaches is regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT). This, of course entails periodic federal inspections and careful investigations concerning any motorcoach accidents that occur. Of course, every employer in an applicable worksite understands this and thus has made arrangements for driver training. It is also highly convenient to have the appropriate training materials available onsite as initial and refresher training options. This can be especially true when an accident has occurred and subsequent training has been required. But the true goal of training is to ensure that accidents don’t happen in the first place. Having a high quality training Video/DVD, trainer guides, employee handbooks and training card reminder materials will help to facilitate a safe driving record and help drivers protect their CSA scores. It goes without saying, that will equate to the elimination of potential fatalities, injuries, lost work time and property damage – along with rising insurance costs. 

In reference to DOT regulations, it is required that employers/carriers make sure that all of their drivers are documented as being fully qualified for vehicle operation. The motorcoach training materials, offered here, will cover:

  • Necessary driver licensing and valid medical certificate
  • DOT compliant drug and alcohol testing
  • Limitations on the number of driving hours and required break times
  • Periodic vehicle safety inspections
  • Vehicle standards
  • Insurance requirements

The training materials offered here will also cover effective driving techniques that include “defensive driving”. The proper way to visually scan the road and assess the driving conditions will go a long way in preventing potential accidents. This and many other topics are covered along with written materials in the form of handbooks and other training tools.

We have made these training videos and additional tools available at affordable prices, so that copies can be kept at all applicable work sites. Please feel free to call us with any questions that you may have regarding the products offered here.

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