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Materials Handling Online Training Course

Course Overview

"Materials handling" is how the things that people need get to where they're needed, on time and intact. And these activities can be dangerous. Every year, thousands of workers are killed or injured while moving, stacking and storing materials. But these accidents don't have to happen. 

"Materials Handling Safety" products from Atlantic Training discuss the hazards that employees are likely to encounter and explain the work practices and equipment they can use to control or eliminate these hazards. 

Available in English or Spanish. 

Topics covered in these products include:

  • Preparing yourself to work safely.
  • Understanding "ergonomics".
  • Safe lifting… step-by-step.
  • Hand trucks and dollies.
  • Platform trucks, carts and pallet jacks.
  • Forklift safety.
  • … and more.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • The various forms of materials handling, including product components, finished products, as well as tools and equipment.
    • The many work-related injuries that occur with trucking and warehousing.
    • How important it is to work safely when handling materials.
  • PPE
    • Preventing injuries with the right clothing.
    • The importance of proper foot protection with steel-toed boots and rubber soles.
    • Proper gloves and the various materials that are right for different jobs.
    • Other gear needed for certain tasks such as Hard Hats, Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, and even Respirators.
  • Ergonomic Injuries
    • Proper ways to twist and bend while working to avoid strain.
    • Avoiding repetitive motions that lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other sever conditions.
    • Working carefully and efficiently to avoid careless mistakes.
    • Looking for special warning signs and making plans accordingly.
    • Determining the best way to handle, lift, and manage various loads.
    • Proper lifting techniques that help to avoid back, neck, and leg injuries.
    • How to communicate properly when executing a Team Lift.
  • Equipment
    • When to use Handling Aids like hand trucks, carts, and other special equipment.
    • Loading a hand truck, carts, or other Handling Aids properly.
    • Scissor-Lift tables and how to use them correctly.
    • Loading pallets to prevent common warehouse injuries, and using Pallet Trucks.
    • The proper certification and training needed to operate a forklift.
    • The best methods for operating a forklift.