Marcom Courseworks for Marcom CD

Marcom Courseworks for Marcom CD

Product Description


CourseWorks version 8 offers an easy to navigate user interface with enhanced features, and an extremely reliable database. This new version of the CourseWorks learning management system includes "assessment testing", which allows a student to "test out" of the modules in a course on the topics for which they already have adequate knowledge. CourseWorks then "reconfigures" the course to include only the modules that the student did not "pass".

This type of modular assessment and course reconfiguration is the "next big thing" in the training industry, and with good reason. Since students do not have to spend their time sitting through training on topics that they are already familiar with, your customers will save hours of productivity and thousands of dollars!

Another enhancement that has been made in CourseWorks 8 includes rewriting portions of the internal code to better accommodate the security features in Microsoft's SQL Server software. CourseWorks 5.0 was the first version of CourseWorks designed to work in the SQL environment. And while it worked well for most customers, in some instances it did encounter problems. Version 8 has addressed these issues and is extremely stable and virtually bug-free when coupled with SQL databases.

CourseWorks new assessment capabilities provide a powerful incentive for all of your CD-ROM customers to upgrade to version 8... which can generate substantial revenue for you. So make sure to get the word out to everyone that CourseWorks 8 is now available!

What Is CourseWorks?

CourseWorks is an easy-to-use suite of programs, including a complete Learning Management System (LMS), that allows you to:

  • Create and deliver CD-ROM training courses
  • Customize your training environment
  • Track the progress of employees as they learn

CourseWorks allows students to learn:

  • Wherever there's a PC
  • At any time
  • At their own pace

With the CourseWorks LMS, you can set up a computer-based training environment that can handle:

  • Student enrollment
  • Course scheduling
  • Student performance tracking
  • Certification
  • ...and much more.

An administrator can install CourseWorks in only a few minutes, and can configure the CourseWorks environment to meet any facility's needs.

The CourseWorks Application Suite


As it's name implies, Setup is the CourseWorks installation and configuration tool. It's designed to make these potential chores a breeze, even for computer novices.

Setup permits a number of installation choices, ranging from CD-only play to full network installation.

The configuration options include:

  • Customized design of course pages
  • # Clock display, for timed courses
  • An e-mail feature, allowing students to contact their training administrators
  • The ability to print student notes/comments
  • Instant display of test results to students
  • The automatic printing of personalized student certificates, upon successful course completion

TrackPro is the CourseWorks database-management tool. It allows administrators to:

  • Group courses into curricula
  • Schedule courses
  • Enroll students
  • Track course progress and test scores

TrackPro also includes a powerful reporting tool that permits administrators to view data on:

  • Courses
  • Students
  • Tests
  • Individual test questions

TrackPro includes a number of preformatted reports, and permits users to create their own customized reports.


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Marcom Courseworks for Marcom CD

Marcom Courseworks for Marcom CD
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  • Producer: Marcom


Other formats available for this title include Courseworks CD Software. Courseworks is an interactive course available for direct upload to your local intranet. Pricing is dependent on number of workstations the Courseworks will be used on.