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Lockout / Tagout: Put a Lock on Hazardous Energy - Online Training

Course Overview

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  • Lockout/Tagout: Put a Lock on Hazardous Energy

    Course Length: 60 minutes

    Overview: OSHA's Control of Hazardous Energy standard (29 CFR 1910.147) mandates training, inspections, and recordkeeping to ensure that workers will not be injured by unexpected start-up or release of energy from a machine or piece of equipment during service or maintenance.

    Whatever your role in lockout/tagout, you need to understand the reasons for lockout/tagout and know the established procedures. Lockout/Tagout: Put a Lock on Hazardous Energy is designed to raise your awareness about the importance of lockout/tagout and teach you both when and how to follow the procedures every time they're needed.

    After completing this course, learners will be able to:


    • Identify sources of hazardous energy
    • Describe the three different types of employees recognized in a lockout or tagout program
    • Distinguish lockout from tagout
    • Explain how to perform lockout and tagout procedures
    • Use a group lockout device safely
    • Recognize exceptions to lockout and tagout requirements



    Lockout/Tagout: Put a Lock on Hazardous Energy from J. J. Keller™ covers the following topics:

    Control of Energy


    • Hazardous Energy
    • How Accidents Happen
    • OSHA Regulations
    • Who is Involved


    Lockout Basics


    • Definition
    • When to Use Procedure
    • Steps: Apply Lockout
    • Steps: Remove Lockout
    • Lock Requirements


    Tagout Basics


    • Definition
    • When to Use Procedure
    • Steps: Apply Tagout
    • Steps: Remove Tagout
    • Tag Requirements


    Special Cases


    • Group Lockout & Group Tagout
    • Shift Change
    • Vehicle Lockout/Tagout
    • Exceptions
    • Authorized Person is Unavailable

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