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Lead Exposure in General Industry Online Training Course

Course Overview

Lead is poisonous. If it's taken into the body, it can cause serious health problems and even be fatal. Most people who are exposed to lead today are exposed on the job. OSHA estimates that more than 800,000 U.S. workers work around lead regularly. 

Employees can be exposed to lead while sanding and stripping lead-based paint, welding or cutting painted metal, repairing and servicing automobile brakes, manufacturing ceramics or electronics, smelting or casting metals and performing numerous other tasks. 

Atlantic's Lead Exposure in General Industry training products provide employees with the information they need to understand lead hazards and the safety regulations that address them. The program also explains how to recognize lead hazards in the workplace and handle them safely. 

Available in English or Spanish. 

Topics include:

  • The health effects of lead exposure.
  • The OSHA Lead Standards for General Industry.
  • Compliance programs.
  • Risk assessment and monitoring.
  • PPE and respiratory protection.
  • Housekeeping and decontamination.
  • Medical surveillance and removal.
  • And more.

Today, employee training has to be fast, flexible and effective, or it's a non-starter. That's why more and more companies get their Safety and Regulatory Compliance Training delivered via the Internet.

Atlantic's mobile-friendly interactive online training is ready when and where employees are, engaging and involving them directly in the learning process´┐Ż for better understanding and retention.

Our online training makes it possible for companies to provide a consistent level of training to every one of their employees... whatever their schedules or physical locations. And new hires can be trained as soon as they walk in the door.

Atlantic's online training gives you the best of all worlds.

  • One of the largest libraries of full-motion video-based Safety, Regulatory Compliance and Human Resources courses in the industry, with more than 150 titles to choose from, many of them in Spanish as well as English.
  • Access to as many courses in MARCOM's library as you like, with no set-up, library or subscription fees.
  • Multiple payment plans to choose from, including monthly "Pay-As- You-Go" and "Enterprise Licenses" (for unlimited access).
  • You can use our comprehensive and easy to use online Learning Management System (LMS) or install courses on your own LMS.
  • ... and much more!