Ladder Safety (Supermarket) Safety Training

Ladder Safety Supermarket Safety Training

Product Description

This Ladder Safety program talks about the thousands of individuals who are injured by falling off a ladder each year. Most injuries are caused by slipping on grease, oil and solvents left on the rungs and sides of the ladder. The ladder should be inspected before use. Use the appropriate size ladder for the job. The same safety rules apply to all types of ladders. In offices, small step stools are used to reach high places, but these are not considered ladders. They are step stools and they can be dangerous also. On step stools, be sure they are in good condition and do not have slippery surfaces. Never stand on a chair or other make shift step stool. Always use the proper device for the job.

  • Language: English or Spanish
  • Length: 8 mins.

Ladder Safety (Supermarket) Safety Training

Ladder Safety Supermarket Safety Training
  • SKU: 11005A
  • Copyright: 2011
  • Runtime: 8 mins
  • Producer: Atlantic Training


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