Hearing Conservation In Construction Safety Training Video

Hearing Conservation in Construction Safety Training Video and DVD Program
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HEARING CONSERVATION in Construction Safety Video

There is an estimated 33 million people in the U.S. with hearing loss enough to affect their daily activities. Occupational-related noise exposure accounts for 11 million cases of hearing loss. Another 36 to 37 million people suffer from tinnitus, which is a chronic ringing in the ears. Hearing problems can make you feel embarrassed, upset and lonely. This program focuses on how to protect our hearing in a work environment.

Topics included in this safety video are: 

  • how we hear
  • how to know if you have a hearing loss
  • causes of hearing loss
  • types of hearing losses
  • work-related hearing loss
  • a hearing conservation program which consists of noise monitoring
  • hearing protection
  • hearing tests and training
  • earplugs (expandable foam and pre-molded)
  • earmuffs
  • canal caps
  • miscellaneous devices
  • audiometric testing
  • employee training
  • recordkeeping
  • devices or treatments including hearing aids
  • assistive/adaptive devices
  • prevention including protecting your ears in the workplace
  • have your hearing tested
  • and avoiding recreational risks.
  • Format: DVD or VHS
  • Language: English or Spanish
  • Length: 20 Mins.

Hearing Conservation In Construction Safety Training Video

Watch Free Preview
Hearing Conservation in Construction Safety Training Video and DVD Program
  • SKU: CSC003P
  • Copyright: 2008
  • Runtime: 20 mins.
  • Producer: Atlantic Training


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