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Front End Loader

Front End Loader

When physically observing a front-end loader, common sense would dictate that certain precautions should be taken when operating and maintaining this type of equipment. However, some of those precautions may not be all that obvious and, as such, every year there are serious (and sometimes fatal) accidents associated with this type of equipment. For example, there are operators who may not be aware that the tractor’s center-of-gravity is moved upwards and forward when the loader is raised. This will completely change the physics of that tractor’s stability. Not being aware of this fact can lead to an increased possibility of overturning the vehicle.

The training videos that are offered on this website emphasize the things that a front-end loader operator needs to know in order to safeguard themselves and their fellow employees. This will also protect the company’s investment when it comes to costly vehicles and the business surroundings. The care that is given to personnel safety and company equipment will ultimately affect everyone in the organization. The topics that are covered in these videos will include:

  • Awareness of surrounding personnel
  • Recommended wheel settings
  • Proximity of the load to the ground
  • Wheel ballast (counterweight)
  • Overhead obstructions
  • Proper operating speeds
  • Bucket load balance
  • Roll over protection
  • Avoiding run over and crushing accidents
  • Maintenance
  • Other potential problems that may arise

These topics are also meant to address compliance with ASABE and ANSI standards pertaining to front end loaders (ANSI/ASAE S355.4). 

When dealing with equipment of this type, problems can arise from more than one area. In this case, not only are there the normal inherent problems associated with any moving vehicle, but there are also the added problems of associated hydraulic equipment, electric and joystick controls.

Order your front-end loader training video directly from this website or give us a call should you have additional questions regarding this or any other training materials that we offer. 

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