Distracted Driving: At What Cost? Training Video & DVD by Aurora Pictures

Distracted Driving: At What Cost? Training DVD
  • SKU: 3238
  • Runtime: 15 mins.
  • Producer: Aurora Pictures
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Product Description

Distracted Driving: At What Cost? Training DVD

There's a lot of talk about this issue but most of us don't realize how often we're distracted while driving. A new study shows that up to 50% of crashes involve some sort of driver distraction. This new video helps us become aware of this increasingly dangerous behavior. The video includes a two car crash that is investigated and shows how each driver was distracted leading up to the crash. It also includes an interview with a woman who was severely injured in a crash caused by a distracting cell phone conversation. Her parents also talk about how their entire family's lives were changed by the crash. There are two slightly different versions available. The only difference is the first two opening minutes. One opening features a quick series of humorous scenes that illustrate common driving distractions but we show them in non-driving situations to emphasize the foolishness of not focusing on the main task at hand. The other version includes a serious opening scene. Other than the first two minutes, the programs are identical.

Title: Distracted Driving: At What Cost? Training Video
Format: DVD
Sku: 3238
Runtime: 15 Mins.
Language: English or Spanish

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