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Employee safety is a big concern for many companies, since they are often liable for the costs related to occupational injuries and accidents. Warehouses are no exception, while warehouses are used to store large quantities of products and supplies, they often present many unsafe hazards to employees. To minimize the risk of accidents and injuries and protect their workers, companies need to provide safety training in their warehouse. Atlantic Training offers affordable comprehensive Warehouse Safety training, enabling companies to prevent many accidents from ever happening. Our Warehouse Safety Videos and DVDs train new employees and refresh the training for existing employees. Some other topics covered in these programs include: Safe Lifting, Box cutting, Material handling, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Falling objects, Ladder Safety, Conveyor belts, and more. Be sure to view our drum pickers for handling 55 gallons drums as well.

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OSHA's Position On Warehouse Training

One of the greatest expenses that companies incur relates to paying for the costs that are associated with on-the-job accidents and injuries. Warehouses are prime candidates for these types of tragedies and the saddest thing is that most of these occurrences could be easily avoided through proper training and adherence to OSHA regulations and those of other government agencies. The first step in this endeavor, to make the workplace a safer environment, is for employers to set up proper employee training that incorporates high quality training materials. As a result, we have made training videos and other quality training tools available that encompass the entire OSHA spectrum of required training that has been mandated. The major advantage of creating your own complete business training library has to do with your subsequent ability to train new employees, as they are hired, as well as your current employees. Our warehouse/manufacturing training videos cover complete OSHA requirements for subjects that relate to:

In many cases, beyond the obvious tragedy of a death, the cost to a business for a single severe accident can be many times the cost of the training materials that could have prevented that accident to begin with!  We make it simple - just select the program and place your order. In addition, contact us for any questions that you may have. 

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