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Personal Protective Equipment and Decontamination Procedures Training Programs and Courses

Personal Protective Equipment and Decontamination Procedures

Chemicals have different levels of risk when it comes to contamination, some have irreversible effect on a human body and can be very painful to deal with. There are also guidelines the employees must follow for handling and decontamination procedures for each chemical. If the wrong decontamination procedure is used it could make matters worse.  To help safe guard your employees it is required that all employees be trained and provided with the proper safety gear for the job. "HAZWOPER: Personal Protective Equipment and Decontamination Procedures" instruct employees on the appropriate use of personal protective equipment(such as chemical protective clothing) as well as how to remove contaminants that accumulate on clothing and equipment. Topics covered in these products include: Safe work practices, Engineering controls, Levels of personal protection, Heat stress, The need for decontamination, The Contamination Reduction Corridor (CRC), and more.

Related training topics that will work well with Personal Protection Equipment Training: Safety Supplies, Emergency Response Planning, First Aid, Medical Surveillance, Safety Posters

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