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Performance & Reviews

No one likes to be told that he or she is doing things up to par, even though everyone knows that they are not perfect. Employers, management, and employees can suffer from communication barriers and become very anxious or loss the entire point of the review if the proper wording and actions are not taken. Studies have shown, that when management uses certain phrases, tones in voices, and postures they can create a tone, which can be good or bad during the performance review.  Having the proper tones, posture and wording greatly reduces the anxiety and frustration for both Employer and employee. This enables the employee to see the performance review as an opportunity for self- discovery and growth, which is the goal of the review in the first place. Our easy-to-use Supervisor training program will help you and your leadership team become more comfortable with giving Effective performance appraisals. By teaching your management or leaders how to effectively communicate the negative aspects of an employee€™s performance, will helps reduce workplace conflict, stress, and possibly violence. It also increases productivity, absenteeism, and employee loyalties.

Related training topics that will work in conjunction with our Performance and Reviews Training: Policies and Procedures, Compensation Training, ADA Disability Act, Discrimination and Diversity


OSHA's Position On Performance & Reviews Training

One of OSHA’s first and foremost goals is to provide a workplace that is safe for employees. This can be seen in OSHA’s General Duty Clause,Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970. When it comes to negativity in the workplace, one recognized source is the official recognition of an employee’s work performance. Performance reviews can be a great source of stress for both the reviewer and the one being reviewed. Unfortunately, this adversity can stem from improper communication techniques that can create a negative perception as opposed to using an opportunity to facilitate improvement in an employee. This may eventually lead to overt hostility and violence. The concepts behind communication techniques can be remarkably subtle and will usually have to be taught to those who are in a position to give performance reviews. This will be in addition to training regarding federal regulations concerning the ADA Disability Act, and subjects involving Discrimination and Diversity. The effective and engaging DVD training videos that we offer cover topics that include:

  • Performance Appraisals That Adhere to Legal Standards
  • Employee Involvement in the Evaluation Process
  • Strengthening Employee Relationships Through Effective Evaluations
  • The Rules of Intention and Attention
  • Coaching Problem Employees
  • Improving Performance While Empowering the Employee
  • And many other effective appraisal topics.

In addition to our exceptional quality and engaging DVD video presentations, we also provide additional training tools that come bundled with many of our training programs.

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