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Manufacturing Packages

Compliance and Safety offers a variety of Safety Training bundle packs for the Manufacturing industry. In all the video packages, you receive the base safety information, such as personal protective equipment , machine guards and ladder safety. But a business is much more than a manufacturing line; it is a warehouse and an office too. That is why we carry several bundles, that include issues and standards such as harassment, office safety, and many other topics combined with the safety training. These bundles give a company and overall training program that is needed for every aspect of the business.

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OSHA's Position On Manufacturing Safety Training Packages

In order to meet the needs of the Manufacturing Industry, we are offering a selection of Safety Training bundle packs. This is absolutely the best way to create all of the necessary training and OSHA mandatory compliance classes while using the best materials and training tools available today! These packages will cover a wide range of topics that will pertain to a number of different manufacturing company departments. But, in addition to specific occupational tasks, there is also training that spans your entire company (such as dealing with sexual harassment, safety housekeeping, fall prevention, etc.). This will allow you to have a complete training library at an affordable price. It will also remove the stress and time that is associated with having to research each type of OSHA requirement that needs to be addressed. In addition, compiling a manufacturing training library, one course at a time, is a far more costly project! As an example, one of our bundled training packages includes complete video training for the following subjects:

  • Pedestrian Safety Training (OSHA  )
  • Asbestos Awareness (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.12(b))
  • Bloodborne Pathogens (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030)
  • Fall Prevention and Protection
  • First Steps in All First Aid Situations
  • Forklift Safety Training (OSHA 29 CFR,1910.178)
  • and several other federally required training subjects

In addition to the extremely well-produced, high quality videos there is another option that is also available to you. We feel that there should be no need to purchase anything than what you actually need. Therefore, we also offer an option in which you can create your own customized training video package. This type of training package offer will cover OSHA mandated training subjects in the most economical way possible! We invite you to place your order now and save on training costs. For any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

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