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Gory / High Impact

The majority of the population knows that there are numerous safety hazards present in the workplace every day, but most people feel that they are secure enough in their skills that accidents couldn€™t happen to them. The problem with this theory is, it€™s a false security. Most people become too comfortable working with their tools, or in his or her work environment. When the employees becomes too comfortable they tend to take short cuts, or take things for granted and slack off on safety.  These habits makes the individual just as susceptible to accidents as a rookie on the job. Amateurs and skilled professional will both benefit from these videos. High Impact Safety Training and Gory Story videos use graphic illustrations and reenactments to ensure the audience stays alert and SAFE. The High Impact safety videos and training, work in well with the other OSHA stands safety videos and training available on this site.

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OSHA's Position On Gory / High Impact Training

Occasionally, it can be advantageous to drive home a point through the use of imagery that is designed to “shock” people out of their complacency. While purely instructional videos certainly have their place in mandatory OSHA-compliant training, these types of training videos can be augmented by “high impact” visuals that will serve to drive the point home. All too often, employees will think of workplace accidents in terms of statistics written down on a report. The videos, that are being presented here, will take those numbers and place them in a real world context that can’t be ignored. That’s because workplace accidents can and many times do represent serious pain and suffering on the part of the victims. The goal of these training videos is to help workers truly understand the ramifications of not following safety regulations before these depictions of horrendous accident consequences happen to them or to a co-worker. The High Impact safety videos and training, work in well with the other OSHA training safety videos and training tools available on this site.

Each short story addresses different safety topics in a variety of workplace settings:

These graphically illustrated scenarios will, in particular, be extremely helpful when it comes to addressing employees who have become too comfortable with their tools and work environment - to the point that they may have been taking short cuts when it comes to safety.

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