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First Aid Training Programs and Courses

First Aid Training

First aid training can seem mundane and maybe overlooked by the majority of the population. Most people believe that first aid is simply cleaning a cut out and slapping a band-aid on it. Cuts maybe the most common injuries that require first aid, but first-aid is actually much more than just that. It is about being properly trained and prepared for almost any type of accident or injury. On a daily basis employees, depending on the industry, may encounter hazards with the use of heavy machinery, tools, electricity, raw materials, noises, fumes, animals, germs, chemicals, and bacteria; just to name a few.  These hazards can cause bodily injuries, bloodborne diseases contamination, poisoning and possibly loss of life. Having employees properly trained in first-aid has several benefits, the biggest benefit to first aid training is it helps the injured employee, as well as bystanders, stay calm and able to function if more extensive emergency steps are required. Having employees calm not only affects how the accident is address and cleaned-up,  but the eyewitnesses will recall the information easier, allowing the investigation process to run a lot smoother. Our first aid video & training programs show employees that knowing basic Industrial first aid can often limit the severity of any type of injury, or even prevent a death. Topics covered in these products include: Cuts and bleeding, Muscle pulls and sprains, Burns, Broken bones, Shock, Artificial respiration and CPR, AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators), and more.

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OSHA's Position On First Aid Training Video

Unfortunately, First Aid possesses a common feature that can be found in many applications which involve safety. That is, we sometimes choose to ignore its benefits until it’s actually needed in a critical situation. First Aid training involves a lot more than just attending to a small cut or applying an antiseptic solution to an abrasion. It’s the application of immediate attention to just about any type of injury until professional help can be obtained. Because of the seriousness of this responsibility, OSHA has set down standards for employers to follow, such as mandatory first aid kits (OSHA 1910.266 App A) and other guidelines.

No matter what industry or business is taken into account, the need for first aid, at one time or another, is pretty much guaranteed. While many first aid applications can be simple, others may involve injuries from heavy machinery, power sources, chemicals, harmful biological agents and different toxic substances, among a host of other hazards. This is the reason why ensuring that employees are correctly trained in first aid procedures can be essential to the workplace. The benefits that are provided can equate to lives that are saved and avoiding long-term effects from injury, saving on medical expenses, fewer days lost from work and the mitigation of other harmful consequences.

The comprehensive first aid training instruction videos and tools, that we offer, include:

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