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Fire Prevention OFFICE Training Programs and Courses

Fire Prevention OFFICE

Fires can start anywhere, but office environments could be especially prone to them. Many employees do not realize how their own actions can contribute to the risk of fire. Each year hundreds of people are injured and millions of dollars are lost due to office fires, that otherwise could have be prevented. Our "Fire Prevention in the Office" training series look at fires in office environments, review steps that can be taken to help prevent fires and discuss what employees should and shouldn€™t do in case of a fire emergency. Topics covered in these products include: Common causes of office fires, The concept of "flashpoint", "Classes" of fires, Importance of good housekeeping, Preventing office fires, Fire extinguishers, Evacuation and other employee responsibilities, First aid, and more.

Related training topics that will work in conjunction with Five Prevention in an office environment: Using Fire Extinguishers, Indoor Air Quality, First Aid, Personal Protection Equipment, PPE Training


OSHA's Position On Fire Prevention Office Training

OSHA has set down a number of mandatory fire prevention regulations that encompass just about every industry. Of course, this is for the protection of employees and others who may be in the immediate vicinity. But office fires, in particular, have been noted by OSHA to be exceptionally preventable due to the fact that there are fewer unaccountable variables in an office environment as opposed to a warehouse, factory or laboratory. Additionally, fire emergency procedures are more easily executed in an office setting, where communication between employees is relatively standard. In a large, warehouse environment, for example, it may take several minutes before an alarm is effectively sounded. Even so, it is absolutely necessary to conduct training sessions and fire drills in order to deal with the possibility of an office fire. The videos that are offered in this section cover topics that include:

  • Different Classes of Fires
  • Understanding How Office Fires Begin
  • Proper Housekeeping (OSHA 1915.81)
  • Basic Fire Prevention and Emergency Fire Procedures
  • The Use of Fire Extinguishers (OSHA 1910.157)
  • Evacuation Procedures and Emergency Action Plans (OSHA 1910.38(c))
  • First Aid for Burns and Smoke Inhalation
  • Additional Fire Prevention topics.

In addition to the engaging video presentations, we also offer other training tools that can be used in conjunction with these instructional DVDs. These tools include; CD-ROM Format Interactive Training Programs, Safety Reminder Posters, Safety Games, Handbooks/Booklets and materials that are included with many of our training programs.

Please look over our high quality Fire Prevention Office Training videos that will allow you to completely meet your OSHA training objectives without having to look elsewhere! Afterwards, you can select the item(s) that you’ll require and then place your order. We make it easy for you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance.    


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