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Fire Prevention HEALTHCARE Facilities Training Programs and Courses

Fire Prevention HEALTHCARE Facilities

Healthcare facilities could be especially prone to fires. Due to the patients, medications, oxygen tanks, and other health care issues, special care and training is needs in the Healthcare field. Every year fires in healthcare facilities cause millions of dollars in damage and result in hundreds of injuries, a number of which are fatal. Fire Prevention training helps employees realize how their own actions, or inactions, can contribute to the risk of fire. Our "Fire Prevention in Healthcare Facilities" training products look at how fires start, review steps that can be taken to help prevent fires and discuss what employees should do in case of a fire emergency. Topics covered in these products include: Common causes of fires in healthcare facilities, Preventing fires, The concept of "flashpoint", "Classes" of fires, Fire extinguishers, Handling flammable materials, Evacuation and other employee responsibilities, First aid, and more.

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