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Emergency Plans Training Programs and Courses

Emergency Plans

Each year emergency safety situations cause an untold number of injuries and deaths; the costs of the damages to facilities and equipment run into the billions of dollars. Emergency situations and accidents may not always be avoidable but planning ahead can reduce the human risks and minimize the costs of clean up and rebuilds. Existing OSHA, SARA Title III, and numerous state regulations call for all facilities to meet a number of Emergency Preparedness/Crisis Management requirements. Our "Emergency Response Planning" training products assist facilities in complying with these regulations and help them prepare for potential emergency safety situations. Topics covered in these products include: The importance of planning for emergencies, Elements of a comprehensive €œEmergency Plan€, Best practices for a variety of emergency situations, Creating a €œCrisis Management Team€, Evacuation Plans and drills, Communications, The role of outside agencies outside, and more.
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OSHA's Position On Emergency Plans Training

Every year, situations that involve safety emergencies are the cause of deaths, injuries and billions of dollars in damages to facilities and equipment. While it’s true that emergencies and accidents are never completely predictable or avoidable, being prepared beforehand is the best way to reduce injuries, fatalities and expenses. OSHA’s view on emergency preparedness can be seen in their mandatory regulations involving different areas of industry. Besides OSHA regulations, other federal and state mandates dictate that facilities meet a number of Emergency/Crisis Management requirements (SARA Title III, etc.). The “Emergency Response Planning” training materials, and other training tools that we offer, are designed to assist workplaces in being compliant with these government regulations. The topics that our training materials cover include:

  • The importance of emergency planning
  • The proper construction of an emergency plan (OSHA 1910.38)
  • Best practices to use in the event of various types of emergencies
  • Putting together a “Crises Management Team” (OSHA 1910.38(e))
  • Conducting evacuation drills and evacuation specifics (OSHA 1910.36)
  • Emergency situation communication
  • Working in conjunction with outside agencies
  • Additional topics

In addition to our high quality videos, we also provide other training tools such as, booklets, compliance manuals, posters and other tools that can come bundled with our training videos. Owning and viewing these training materials can be the first step in establishing and maintaining an emergency plan of action that is not only required by OSHA, and other government agencies, but can be invaluable to the welfare of your employees and business.

Please look over our high quality Emergency Plan Training videos and supplies that will allow you to completely meet OSHA’s training requirements without having to look elsewhere! Afterwards, you can select the item(s) that you’ll require and then place your order. We make it easy for you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.   

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