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Drugs and Alcohol For Employees Training Programs and Courses

Drugs and Alcohol For Employees

Substance abuse is a huge, worldwide problem. In the United States alone there are over 50 million binge drinkers, 17 million illegal drug users and almost 15 million people who abuse prescription medications. Most substance abusers have jobs. In fact, it is estimated that one out of every ten workers has a substance abuse problem. An employee with an alcohol or drug problem can decrease productivity, create a hostile work environment and damage a company's good name. Worst of all, the actions of a worker who is "under the influence" can completely undermine a company's efforts to keep people safe.


OSHA's Position On Drugs and Alcohol For Employees Training

Substance abuse plagues nearly every aspect of everyday life. An indication of the scope of this problem, in the U.S., is the report that there are currently; 50 million binge drinkers, 17 million illegal drug users and nearly 15 million who abuse prescription medication. Amazingly, it has also been assessed that about 1 out of every 10 employees has a substance abuse problem! This can directly lead to lost production, accidents, health issues and even damage a company’s reputation. But most of all, an employee who is experiencing a drug or alcohol problem can even negate an employer’s efforts to maintain a safe work environment. These are the reasons why OSHA is involved with initiatives such as the “Drug Free Workplace Alliance”. This is a cooperative effort where OSHA, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy's Working Partners for an Alcohol- and Drug-free Workplace Program (Working Partners) have signed an Alliance with many different organizations.

In accordance with OSHA policies, we have training videos that cover subjects such as:

  • The importance of adhering to company regulations regarding substance abuse
  • Reasonable suspicion when an employee is exhibiting signs of substance abuse
  • Ways that a supervisor can approach someone who appears to be impaired
  • Alcohol and drug testing procedures
  • The effects of drug and alcohol abuse

With the training materials that we provide, an employer can help to ensure that their workplace is in sync with OSHA policies pertaining to substance abuse in the workplace.

Please look over our high quality Drugs and Alcohol Training videos and supplies. Afterwards, you can select the item(s) that you’ll require and then place your order. We make it easy for you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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