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Dealing With The Media In Emergency Situations Training Programs and Courses

Dealing With The Media In Emergency Situations

In this technological day and age, it is inevitable that a company will have to deal with the media at some point, especially if an accident occurs.  It is vital to a company, that damages are minimal and that the situation, the company€™s image and/ or the company€™s practices are not €œblown€ out of proportion in the media. At the same time, the media needs to be informed of all the essential information with the utmost respect to the public€™s health and safety. Compliance and Safety offers a training series "HAZWOPER: Dealing With The Media In Emergency Situations" which help employees and management to understand the importance of building a good relationship with the media and how to deal with the media during an emergency situation. Topics covered in these products include: Establishing a relationship with the media before a crisis occurs, The duties and responsibilities of the Public Information Officer (PIO), Early response to the media during an incident, Insuring the safety of the media, Unauthorized communication with the media, The consequences of rumors and misinformation, and more.

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