Bucket Truck Safety

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Bucket Truck Safety

Bucket Truck Safety

A bucket truck is a vehicle that is utilized to lift materials and personnel within the sign posting, tree care, building maintenance and utilities fields. The heights that can be reached with this equipment can range from 4.5 – 48.8 meters (15 – 160 feet). Their standard features typically include a PTO (power take-off) that gets its’ power from the vehicle’s engine and two stabilizers. The boom/bucket is operated by a hydraulics-powered lift. Because of this means of operation, there are inherent risks associated with this equipment and, as such, injuries (including fatalities) occur every year. Many of these could be avoided with correct training procedures. This is the reason why so many companies choose our high quality bucket truck training materials in order to instruct their bucket truck operators.

Besides a stand-alone high quality training video, we also offer a comprehensive training kit that includes:

  • An instructional DVD that goes over, in detail, OSHA required procedures and regulations.
  • A complete instructor’s guide that will greatly assist those who are conducting a bucket truck training class.
  • Handbooks (10) for employee trainees which will provide an easy-to-understand reference resource for both during and after the training class. A quiz is also enclosed in order to measure the employee’s understanding of the concepts taught.
  • Training Reference Cards (10) designed to remind and review key concepts reviewed in training. Space is also provided for emergency contact personnel phone numbers. These cards are sold in sheets that contain 10 cards each (the price given is per card).
  • A colorful “Awareness” Poster that can be displayed in the training room or in bucket truck high-traffic areas. 

Right now, you can order your bucket truck training material so that your employees (and business property) can be better protected from needless accidents. If you have any questions regarding the training material, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re here to assist you with your organization’s training requirements.

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