Active Shooter: Surviving An Attack Training Video & DVD by Atlantic Training

Active Shooter: Surviving an Attack Training DVD and Video Program
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  • Copyright: 2016
  • Runtime: 15 mins.
  • Producer: Atlantic Training
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  • (1) Training DVD in ENGLISH
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Product Description

All too often these days, we hear about active shooter incidents… multiple shootings in nightspots, public areas… and workplaces. What should employees do to survive if one of these situations takes place where they work? 

Atlantic's training products on Active Shooter: Surviving An Attack provide step-by-step explanations of the survival techniques that law enforcement agencies recommend to help people get through an active shooter incident safely. 

Available in English or Spanish. 

Topics covered in these products include:

  • Preparing for the unpredictable.
  • Recognizing and surviving an attack.
  • Running from a shooter.
  • Hiding from a shooter.
  • Fighting a shooter.
  • What to do when the police arrive.
  • … and more.
  • (2) Training DVDs - (1) in English and (1) in Spanish Closed Captioned DVD with digital trainer tools for each.
  • (1) Year of Updates:  In the event there are any changes made to the products in the course of 1 year from purchase, we will provide you with the updated material ensuring your are always OSHA compliant and have the latest content. 
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Video Highlights

Video Highlights

  • Being safe by

    Being safe by "not rushing".

  • The role of

    The role of "Mental Preparation" in safety.

  • Being aware of your own actions when considering safety.

    Being aware of your own actions when considering safety.

  • Inspecting your work area for safety.

    Inspecting your work area for safety.

  • The correct placement of stored items.

    The correct placement of stored items.

  • How using the correct gloves facilitates safety.

    How using the correct gloves facilitates safety.

  • When and how to use

    When and how to use "respiratory protection".

  • How

    How "protective clothing" facilitates safety.

  • Remembering when to disengage equipment power.

    Remembering when to disengage equipment power.

  • How to employ ergonomics during your work demands.

    How to employ ergonomics during your work demands.

  • How to correctly clean chemical spills.

    How to correctly clean chemical spills.

  • Remembering to post emergency numbers at phone locations.

    Remembering to post emergency numbers at phone locations.

  • The importance of accident prevention focus.

    The importance of accident prevention focus.

What's in The Box

What's In The Box

  • (1) Training DVD in ENGLISH
  • (1) Training DVD in SPANISH
  • (1) Year of FREE Updates: OSHA Compliance
  • (10) Free accesses to streaming library WAVE
  • Digital: Scheduling Form, Attendance Form, Employee Quiz, Training Certificate, Log, Wallet Cards (printable)

Video Transcript

Multiple shooting in the workplace there are too common nowadays, this program will explain what you'll need to survive if you get caught in the middle of one. 

Active Shooter: Surviving an Attack
All too often these days we here about them on the news, active shooter incidents, multiple shooting committed in workplaces, nightspots, public areas innocent people injured and killed. What if one of these situations take place when you are there? What should you do to survive? Law enforcement group have developed a listed proven do's and don'ts that can help you come through an active shooter attack alive. This program will discuss these techniques and show you how to use them.

Preparing for the Unpredictable
An active shooter is someone who is actively engaged in killing or tempting to kill people in a confined and populated area. In most cases, they use a firearm, their selection of victims maybe completely random, the place they choose for their shooting maybe random as well. But, the one constant about active shooter attack is that they are unpredictable, they can occur anytime and anywhere to anyone. 

Most of these incidents last only ten to fifteen minutes, so they're usually over before law enforcement arrives on a scene. That means, you must be able to help yourself when trouble starts, you can start getting ready for it now. First, you should be mentally prepared to act if an emergency strikes taking quick and decisive action is a crucial survival skill. In a few minutes, we'll discussed what you should do in various active shooter situations but doing it will be up to you, so you need to prepare now to act decisively. 

One of the first thing that you should do is to start practicing situational awareness wherever you go. Be aware of your environment, pay attention on what's going around you, look for things that seems odd or out of place or that could be dangerous. Situation awareness also includes knowing at least two ways to escape from wherever you are at all times. Study shows that the most successful way to get out of trouble is to runaway, you need to know where to run to. So, make a bait knowing how to get out, whether you are at work, or a play, in private homes, public places even outdoors. These knowledges can help you to act quickly and decisively in an emergency and that can save your life. 

Recognizing and Surviving an Attack
The sounds of gunfire is often the first clue that an active shooter attack has begun nearby. But would you recognize the sound of a gunshot if you heard one? They can be hard to recognize but there are ways to sort out gun fire from similar lour noise, just remember this when someone pops a paper bag, it's just a single bang, when a pack of firecrackers goes off bangs are usually very rapid with uneven rhythm. Multiple gunshots are usually different fast or slow is typically come in a steadier more deliberate pattern, the shooter is trying to hit specific targets. Even automatic weapons fire maintains a steady rhythm though it may come in short bursts. So, multiple popping sounds that come in deliberate patterns are a dangerous signal. But you could have no audible warning at all, an attack may begin when you are in the same room or area as the shooter. Where you are when shooting begins is a lot to do with what best survival options are, whether you are in a building or outdoors you have the same three options for survival;

  1. Run
  2. Hide
  3. Fight

You should pursue them in that order, fighting is always the last resort. If in fact, you are in the same room or general area as the shooter your main objective will be to get out of there, you may have to do some other things first. Remember you must act immediately, it's natural to be afraid but freezing up can get you tell the longer you hesitate the greater the danger. If you are under fire take cover, get behind the wall or hide a piece of heavy furniture, planter or other solid obstacles something that will hide you and protect you from bullets. If you can't get to cover, drop to the ground and lie flat, you may be smaller target this way so you're less likely to be hit. Don't do anything to attract the shooter's attention lie quite and still, let them assume you've already been hit. But remember your goal is still to escape the area as soon as you safely can. Choose a way up to takes you away from the shooter and watch for your chance to make a break for it. When the shooter is distracted looking or walking away from you, that's the time to make your move. 

Running from a Shooter
If you think that you can escape from active shooting area, run as fast as you can away from the shooter towards the way out. Don't stop to grab your wallet, purse or other belongings, just go. If the shooter sees you keep running don't stop if possible put cover between yourself and the shooter as you move. You can also try to make yourself a harder target by zig-zagging or crouching but the most important thing is to run just as fast as you can. Encourage others to do the same but get out of there regardless of what are other people are running to. If you see someone who looks frozen or disoriented grab them and pull them along with you if you can. As you go you want to prevent of anyone from entering the area as well, unless they are security personnel or law enforcement, don't stop running until you are far away from the danger area. When you're safe call 911 and report the situation.

Hiding from a Shooter
Running to escape from a building or to get away from the area outdoor, may not always be possible. For instance, the active shooting area might be between you and the exit or your escape route is physically blocked. Running may not also be an option if you have a group of children with you or your physically disabled, so your next option is to hide. The situation may require you to hide quickly wherever you can, such as in a cab of the truck in back of a cubicle partition or behind a piece of equipment, a good hiding place will keep you out of the shooter's sight as well as protects you from gunfire. 

Shooters are looking for easy targets the harder you make it for them to get to you the less likely they get to try. If possible go to a room and close the door quietly behind you, if you are already in another room when the attack begins safely exit the building stay there. Lock or barricade all doors to the space. If a door hence no lock, place heavy objects such as chair, desk or other furniture against the door so it can be push open from outside. If other people are hiding from the room, you can work together to get these things quickly. If a door has a hydraulic door closer you can use a belt to tie the arms together so it can't open. Then, do as many of the following things as possible to make the room safer. Turn out the light so the room appears to be unoccupied, turn off any sources of noise such as radio or television that could attract the shooter's attention. Call 911 if possible tell the dispatcher where is the shooter is, so they know where to send help. Try to make your 911 call via on landline, so police can determine where you are by tracing the call if necessary. Look for something sharp or heavy you can use as a weapon just in case a letter opener, fire extinguisher, pipe wrench, scissors, a hammer or paperweight, you can even break a mirror from inside a handbag. Get behind the large objects if you can such as, partition, under the piece of furniture, desk or inside the closet. Remember if you can see the shooter they can probably see you. Silent your cellphone be still and do your best to stay calm, the sound of heavy breathing or crying can alert a shooter of your presence then wait. Stay hidden until the police arrive and take control of the situation.

Fighting a Shooter
If a active shooter manages to find you in your hiding place, you're going to need to fight for your life. It's not easy or pleasant to think about this situation, you may not believe that your capable of violence but avoiding the issue will not save your life. If you don't do anything when the shooter find you will more than likely be killed. Don't try to reason with the shooter the crime their committing shows their not reasonable and not likely to be merciful. Your best chance of survival is to incapacitate the shooter by fighting back, attack the shooter physically and aggressively with whatever weapon you have, even if it's only your fists in your blows at their face, neck, shoulders and arms. If there are multiple people hiding with you in the room everyone should attack the shooter together. Strengthen numbers can be a significant advantage in disarming and subduing a shooter. Then, get out of the room and run to safety.

When the Police Arrive
If you are a victim of active shooter attack, you naturally feel excitement and relief when law enforcement personnel arrive on the scene. But remember that the officers are highly trained professionals with specific jobs they must do in a certain order and they only have basic information about what is happen and who is who. The first police personnel on a scene of an active shooter situation or entering a high threat environment, so their job is to neutralise the shooter and secure the location. Their are not there to help the wounded or comfort the distress, those tasks will be performed by ENTs and other first responders.

If you go running towards a policemen they can easily mistake you for a threat rather than a victim, so don't make any quick move towards them, don't carry anything that could be mistaken for a weapon, make sure your hands are empty and visible lift them up and spread your fingers, avoid pointing and screaming r yelling and try to hold on to the officers in a high threat situation an officer may knock you on the ground to protect you. Under the circumstances good manners are not a priority, answer their questioans, tell what you know, do exactly what they tell you, do not argue with them eventually you can proceed out of the incident area in the direction that the police came from. At that point, you are most likely heading in safe location or assembly area until the situation is under control and witnesses have been identified and questioned. Do not leave the assembly area until the authority say that you can go.

As we've seen active shooter situations are unpredictable and highly dangerous but there are things you can do to improve your chances of surviving one. Let's review;

  • learn to anticipate an attack by developing your situational awareness and prepare yourself to act safely and decisively in an emergency
  • if you come into a fire during the attack take cover or drop to the floor and lie flat
  • evacuating the active shooter area by running away gives you the best chance of survival
  • if you can't escape the area, hide from the shooter in another room if possible lock or barricade the door, find something you can use as a weapon and conceal yourself
  • if the shooter finds you fight attack the shooter as violently as you can to disarm or incapacitate them
  • when the police arrive, don't make sudden moves, raise your hand and do exactly what the officer say

An active shooter attack is terrifying but you can survive by doing the right thing at the right time by knowing what to do and acting quickly and decisively. You can give yourself the best chance of coming through of an active shooter situation alive.


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