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Safety Showers and Eye Washes Online Training Course

Course Overview

Introduction to Safety Showers and Eye Washes is an online training course that will help employees to understand OSHA rules and regulations for these important safety features in various workplaces. Topics covered include proper functioning of showers and eye wash stations, corrosive agents, hazardous materials, chemical hygiene plans, material safety data sheets

Learning Objectives

After successful completion of this OSHA compliant course, the student will be able to:

  • Prepare to act properly and according to OSHA standards in the event of a lab emergency.
  • Know how to safely use shower and eye wash stations.
  • Prevent serious injury to themselves and those around them.

Course Outline

  • The basic procedures used to prevent accidents in a lab.
  • A review of the different safety showers and eye washes.
  • Proper functioning of safety showers.
  • Correct location of showers and eye wash stations.
  • Examples of corrosive agents like Sulfuric acids and Potassium hydroxide.
  • The proper steps to avoid exposure to corrosive agents, like Personal Protective Equipment, Material Safety Data Sheets, and Chemical Hygiene Plans.
  • Locating safety showers and eye washes in a laboratory.
  • Knowing how to assist someone who needs the use of a shower or eye wash station.
  • The specific steps to take when you are splashed by a hazardous substance.
  • What to do when you are helping a victim: removing their PPE, completely soaking them, and removing their shoes.
  • What to do with “waste” water from showers and eye stations.
  • Clothing that needs to be disposed of properly after exposure to hazards.
  • The first steps to take if a chemical is splashed in the eye.
  • How to avoid further contamination.
  • Using portable eye wash stations.
  • Small Eye wash bottles in extreme emergencies.
  • Seeking medical attention after using an eye wash of shower station.