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Safety Supplies

Compliance and Safety offer competitively priced traffic safety products and construction supplies in a timely manner to our customers. Our relationship with manufacturers throughout the US, allows us to provide our customers with the best quality and up to date tools needed to complete a job safely. Compliance and Safety believes that proper safety of employees and customers is not only a health priority but a cost saving tool for any size company or industry can utilize.


OSHA's Position On Safety Supplies Training

Besides training materials, companies that involve construction or traffic activities also need safety products and supplies. However, these products need to be made available at competitive pricing and delivered in a timely manner. Fortunately, we are known throughout the industry as meeting these requirements due to our association with a number of major manufacturers who specialize in these products. Through our networking, we have been able to continually acquire the most current and highest quality safety supplies available on the market today. Having the best safety supplies will ultimately translate into a safer working environment for your employees as well as cutting down on medical and damage expenses. In addition OSHA requirements will also be met (OSHA 1910.145). We offer at this time:

  • Numbered Placards (per requirement 49 CFR Part 172.519)
  • Driver’s Logs
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Spill Clean Up Kit
  • Hard Hats and other PPE (OSHA 1926.100)
  • Protective Vests
  • Logs and Inspection Reports
  • Fall Protection Equipment
  • Drum Transportation Equipment
  • many other safety supplies

We don’t have to tell you just how important it is to have these types of safety supplies available and/or posted where they are required by OSHA. However, the key is to purchase these items at an affordable price and to have those items represent the highest quality that you can find. Here, we offer both. Find out why so many companies make us their “go to” place for safety supplies as they’re needed.

To have these safety supplies available whenever they’re needed, all you have to do is to look over our selection of safety supplies and equipment, select the items that you’ll need and then place your order(s). It’s as easy as that! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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