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To The Point About: Eliminating Driving Distractions Interactive Online Training

Interactive Training
15 minutes
Last Updated
Preview only represents the video content within this Interactive Training course and is not to be used for training purposes. If you'd like to preview the program in it's entirety, questions included, please reach out to us.

Course Description

While most people envision distracted driving as a teenager using a cell phone behind the wheel, the problem is really a lot more complex than that. Distraction also involves many other factors, including complacency, fatigue and frustration. This program discusses the dangers of distracted driving and provides an overview of the various types of distractions. It also explains how one distraction can lead to another and reviews tips, practices and habits that can be used to eliminate driving distractions, prevent vehicle crashes and save lives. Topics include why distracted driving is a problem, the four specific types of distraction, multi-faceted distractions, controlling potential distractions before driving, the roles of our physical and mental states in driving awareness and how to avoid complacency while driving.
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